Bloody hell it may be time to build an ark

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  • Bloody hell it may be time to build an ark
  • trout

    Raining like the monsoon here in west yorkshire whats it like where you are . 😥


    Same during the night in Edinburgh. Started 15min after I cycled to work (night shift) and than carried on raining heavily through the night. It`s ok now. Last year at this time it wasn't raining as heavy but more often plus it was colder. Good I've got full mudguards on my bike 🙂

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    oh jeez…its centred over leeds! Thats one wet sunday.
    Trout, if building said ark will it be from exquisitly milled aluminium?


    CHB too right not sure which animals to take though some mice are at thr front of the queue in our cupboards the Bastards seem to enjoy the rentokill bait and come back for seconds


    Jesus, we are having an absolute downpour and its flashing with lightning and thunder…whats that all about??!!


    Yep, heavy at Taddy – mates off to dalby for 8.30 & A64 shut!!

    Garage fettling day for me.

    Its pissing down in Surrey which has scuppered my plans – Wait it's stopped I'm going out.


    Trout East London's Shiiit mate
    Epping Forest closest Forest and a Mud Bath

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    I thought you were going off the led route and suggesting "ark lights" 😀


    A bit of brightness appearing further down the Aire Valley Troutie


    you will all be amazed to hear that it's crapasowt here in Sheffield.

    i'll be mostly eating bacon, and fiddling around with a flat-pack bookcase.

    you have soooo staed the obvious ark scenerio…. mines already built ! lol


    indoor skatepark for me i reckon today

    Sunny in Sussex! … No it's not, it's raining now … no, it's sunny … oh, hang on, it's raining again … wind and rain … sun's out!

    Did I mention it's raining??

    Been like this for 3 weeks now, or is it 3 years? 🙄


    shite here too near Skipton, cant be arsed with it this morning, first weekend with no riding for months, ironing and supermarket instead, cant wait……!


    Im in the south of France and its raining here too 🙁

    But its 20 degrees and the wine is good 🙂

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    I'd lend you our ark, but it sank, then dissolved last weekend (W.Cumbria)

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    Very glad I went out with some mates yesterday, started in very cold fog climbing into little fluffy snow flakes & finished in sunshine 😀

    All of November, with few exceptions, a washout

    Just got back, not as bad as I'd thought quite warm, managed to go between showers and hilariously muddy.

    Just got back, not as bad as I'd thought – Quite warm, managed to go between showers and hilariously muddy.

    its totally pissing it down in 'not so bloody sunny' scunthorpe but i don't mind cos i can't go out cos i've got 4000 words to write on Management in Practice 🙁

    Enjoy! Sounds thrilling mate.

    its not believe me thats why i'm on here 😀 stuck at around 3000 words and now very bored of it 🙁


    St Jeannet/Vence South Of France if it's any consolation 😥

    Ride's off today!

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    trout, did you get my reply about having those MR11 Quad and triple LED's and optics off you?

    I'll have them


    Yes got it chucky will post them tomorrow will drop you a mail later.


    Sheeting it down in the mountains north of Madrid (and windy and cold) so today's club ride consisted of a coffee in the local bar (bunch of soft Mediterranean sangria-swilling jessies). So I went on my own to the big park just outside Madrid and had an awesome couple of hours playing in the mud!


    Same here in NW Germany, rain, rain, rain. I've not been out on the bike for a couple of weeks. The trails here do not hold up well at all in the wet. I have been doing lots of muddy trail running though, which i find very theraputic 8). Done 10 filthy miles this morning.


    The rain in Spain doesn't only fall on the plain, it's also to the west of Madrid…

    So I went for a run. Besides, the bike's in the shop having its fork serviced.


    dinstick fancy a ride at someon point next week?
    Or are you just in vence for holidays?


    Odd heavy shower in Bristol with the occassional stop.

    Hopefully it will get cold and stop raining as heavy as it has.

    Move to California?

    Even here in the Costa-del-sol it´s pouring down today, although it´s the first rain we´ve had for months.
    Had to cut the ride short & find a warm bar.


    Rain and occasional snow shower at Glentress today. Just keep moving and you'll be reet.


    in the cheviots today and it was grim. good ride though!


    Still peeeeeeeeeing down here in East London.


    Central Scotland today was nice and sunny if a bit cool.

    Now i know i'm an old fart but i do remember this time of year 15 or so years ago would be cold and frosty.

    Many times the RAC Rally would be held on forest stages that were frozen solid and even with a good covering of snow. That was always around the 23rd or so of November.

    No chance of getting out of the car and falling on your arse on the ice this year. Falling on your arse from mud….oh yes !

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