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  • Gonna have a quick moan about chain rings.

    I have been told that the classic salsa chainring, very popular in 1×9 and single speed set ups will no longer be available. I think salsa have had enough of keeping up with chainring compatibility. (It will still be available in black only under another QBP brand)

    It used to be a simple job getting a fresh chainring. Grab a 104bcd if its a mountainbike, 130 for road. But now with bikes being 1 to 11 speed, and all the crazy new BCD patterns, and with some crank brands just being awkward with odd shaped tabs that mean only there brand of ring will fit… It’s a pain.

    There is that odd three arm BCD pattern that has shown up. But where do you go when you want a tall toothed one speed ring for it?

    A new BCD patten does not really add anything new, does not improve things, but does complicate everything.

    You can substitute the word “chainring” for “headset” and pretty much get the message on what else annoys me.

    Mister P

    “Bottom bracket”



    Though a Dremel or half-round file will sort out many fit problems 😉


    Agreed, 88bcd is currently the bane of my life in single ring world.


    We really need to burn marketing departments for trying to sell us stuff we dont need.

    Premier Icon miketually

    I need new cranks, BB and chainring for my commuter. Ideally, cheap.

    Something that’s going to last, and where the individual parts will be available for a while. 38t SS chainring. Suggestions?

    In the ideal world, I’d have a Sugino XD cranks, with a Surly chainring and Shinamo square taper BB, like on my Solitude fixietwat bike.

    Premier Icon ir_bandito

    I have a dream…

    3-piece crankset, like a BMX, but lightweight, to fit HTII style, or BB30 or whatever.
    Right-crank has a splined interface which rings simply slide onto, spaced out correctly for double/triple setups.
    Axles avaliable in a varity of lengths, like square taper BBs, to allow for chainlinne tweaking, along with shimming the chainring along the axle too.
    Chainrings can be mounted on spiders which have the splined interface, to allow for material optimising (a bit like floating rotors, or even like Middleburn cranks)

    Any reason why this wouldn’t work?


    My best bodge so far:

    4-bolt belt drive pulley cut and bolted to a 5-bolt trouserguard, bolted to a 5-bolt spider that bolts to a 4-bolt gearbox housing 😉

    A related question – can you turn an unramped chainring round (on 1×10 in my case) when you replace the cassette and chain and have it act like an all-new drivetrain?

    Premier Icon ir_bandito

    can you turn an unramped chainring round

    Well, I have and it works. I switched it round to improve the chainline, so i could mount it in the middle-ring position, but have the bolt recesses correctly aligned.

    Nice bodge Ben 🙂

    Premier Icon spawnofyorkshire

    Bloody FSA 386 BCD on my comet crankset 😡

    I want to gear it down from 42/27 and can’t find rings anywhere for it. Gonna just replace it for a new double and a bash after xmas and stick the comet on a commuting hack with a more durable BB

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