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  • Bloody bloody bloody Flint – bloody hell !
  • pymwymis

    Just been out for a short but expensive ride.

    Received new spank oozy wheels on Friday, set them up tubeless with brand new Hans Damp tyres. 10 miles later double puncture, instant flat, rim gouged to the point where it won’t hold a seal. It’s not huge gouge but enough to screw up the seal.

    The punctures are cuts from flint and won’t seal with stans. Can I patch them from the inside ? If so what’s the best method / type of patch ?

    So is it goodbye to my tubeless set up on the first ride ?

    Anything I might be able to do with the rim to improve the chances of it holding a seal ?

    Aaarrrgggghhhhhh !! Why God why ?


    I thought you meant Flint in North Wales. Home of inbreeding and family feuding. Equally as bad an experience as your puncture woes. That stuffs like razor blades and I’m not sure there’s a tyre that will deal with it.

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    Where is the tyre cut? Schwalbe tend to puncture protect the sidewalls but not the tread faces so flints and sharps go through them like butter. Though the hans dampf’s normally a tougher tyre..

    Pics of rim would be good! There are tricks.

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    Tougher sidewall options or even dual ply for flinty stuff.

    How big a hole? Small then perhaps more sealant required.

    Trail side patch without removing the tyre you can use one of those ones where you thread through a rubber strip with some glue, without having to take the tyre off. The Panaracer Tubeless Repair Kit is good. Has a big rubber patch that you cut off into strips and can get quite a lot of strips out of it.

    Something over a larger area like a tear or scuffed side that’s just leaking through (had that once), then a boot style patch inside. Possibly could do that with a regular tube repair patch, but there are tubeless kits to do it. Need to take the tyre off though.

    The rim. Well, it’s dinged, so it’s not going to seal. You could try loads of sealant, but best options are either to fix the ding with care ( or it’s a new rim. Failing that, tube.


    North wind, hole is as you suspected on the tread face.

    The cuts are about 5mm. At the trail side I tried those topeak self adhesive squares but couldn’t get the inner surface of the tyre clean / dry enough for the patch to take. I think something thicker and tougher would be the order of the day. Might try a bit of old tyre sidewall.

    The gouge in the wheel is more problematic. It had raised edges as it would when material has been displaced. I’ve tried to roll over the gouge with the round shaft of of a hand tool which has smoothed off the burrs and put se wider rim tape in which comes up the in re walls of the rim to some degree.

    I’ve reinflated with another tyre and so far it’s holding. Time will tell. At least I’ve stopped grizzling now.

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    There is nothing proof against freshly fractured flint. We’ve had Marathon Plus tyres ruined through the kevlar protection in the tread at its thickest point at work. Vicious stuff.


    Also had flint go through the tread of some HDs recently. I haven’t managed to get tubeless to work after a flint gash.
    I’m changing to Geax TNT tyres that are cheaper and supposedly tougher.
    There’s a reason that they used to use flint for arrow and axe heads…


    Panaracer repair kit ordered. Good shout Dead Kenny. 🙂

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