Blood pressure?? Whats yours..

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  • Blood pressure?? Whats yours..
  • Premier Icon cloudnine

    Just measured 117/64 and resting pulse 60

    Looking at that charts it sort of falls under normal.. not sure what it means expect that im still alive

    Premier Icon weeksy

    140-78 Resting pulse 47

    I have no idea. Everyone else in my family , Mum, sister, 2 brothers all have
    “a problem” so I went to the Doc who said I was normal. Bunch of Freaks!


    Last time was about 125/70 I think, not had it checked for a while though.


    Last time I had mine checked it was 95/50, so bordering on too low.
    I often get light headed when I stand up, especially after exercise, but doesn’t affect me otherwise.


    120/60, resting pulse 42.


    I don’t want to know.

    In Feb mine was ‘too high, start taking statins’ which I refused. a bit of diet and exercise and in May it was ‘absolutely fine, come back in a year for another check’

    Dr took it twice in Feb because he wanted to check it really was too high.

    Can’t remember the numbers but Dr took it three times in May because he didn’t think it should have dropped to normal without statins.


    140/90 (I recall) – on edge of hyertension 😐 age 52 had high blood pressure all my life


    120-80 Resting pulse 45 aged 50


    127/78 and resting HR is 52. Age 59.


    110/70 resting rate 51, max rate 182 and a mere 52 years old 😉

    Premier Icon hopkinsgm

    “High” is 140/90 or above.
    “Typical” is 120/80 to 140/90.
    “Ideal” is somewhere between 90/60 and 120/80.
    “Low” (as in worryingly low) is 90/60 or below.
    All figures from, IANAD

    Note that “Typical” does not mean “Ideal” – it’s not uncommon for folks to say your pressure is a bit low when what they actually mean is that it’s perfectly fine and just a bit lower than they typically see. Sounds to me like you’ve nothing much to worry about.


    I have absolutely no idea. Last time it was measured was about 7 years ago.


    109/64 resting pulse of 48.


    low, really low. i often black out, & have to hold onto stuff when i stand up 😐


    Had mine checked the other week and the doc said it’s perfectly fine. That’ll do for me, not really bothered about the numbers.

    I think I managed to lower mine from 150/? down to 125/? which was pleasing for me and surprising for the quack


    Currently about 122/74 with a resting pulse of 65ish.

    Diabetic so I get told off by the nurse if it goes much higher than that, keep getting threatened with Ramipril if the second figure creeps over 80.

    Gives me an excuse to go out on the bike more 🙂

    Premier Icon DezB

    Don’t know, but… when it gets high I think it makes my right eye go bloodshot. Is this possible?

    Premier Icon totalshell

    i ve had 140/109 in the past.. marvellous stuff medication.. 120/80 all day long now. pulse circa 75 resting..

    i can do something you cant though.. i dont have to feel my pulse i can hear it thanks to a titanium ball where my aerota used to be.. tick tock..

    140/85 IIRC resting pulse around 45/50.

    had it measured a few times, always got highish numbers.

    Premier Icon slowoldman

    Has always been around 110/70ish. Recently measured at work as 140/90, which I put down to the temporary effects of corporate bullshit.


    too high when measured “white coat hypertension” too high when measured by the 24 hour recording device did take readings while I was cross examining in a trial and while commuting on the bike through an “interesting ” junction . I am on the highest dose of the blood pressure meds and prefer to live in ignorance now.

    Premier Icon Mintyjim

    Yesterday morning during a day-off it was 159/90.

    I’m 37 years old, fairly fit, eat healthy and they put me on statins at crimbo.

    Think my record during the 24hour monitor was 190/115 on New years Day whilst pottering around my garden.

    It sucks, GP isn’t really bothered.

    Premier Icon miketually

    Mine was a bit high when I went to see my GP about getting an appointment for getting emasculated, so I did a week of home measurements which averaged 144/92 (max was 177/112). Had a blood test last week, to check cholestorol, but haven’t had the results yet.

    Just completed another week of home tests and I’m averaging 130/80. I think that’s low enough that they won’t bother doing anything.

    There’s nothing I can change with weight, exercise, smoking, diet, etc. The high readings were taken while I was at the height of coursework submission and marking; the lower readings while all my students were on exam leave…


    122/82 last week


    Yes mike I think 130/80 they will not med you – mine’s a bit higher and has been for years and they haven’t medded me. We will probably not live as long as others with lower pressures but hey ho no point worrying about it, live for today.

    Premier Icon miketually

    Yes mike I think 130/80 they will not med you – mine’s a bit higher and has been for years and they haven’t medded me. We will probably not live as long as others with lower pressures but hey ho no point worrying about it, live for today.

    They look for 135/85 average for home testing, apparently.

    According to an online calculator I used, my risk of a ‘coronary’ is higher with normal BP on meds than with higher BP off meds…


    Just sneaking under the line at 137/87 this evening.
    I’m on stacks of meds due to family history and way too many pies years of fast living.

    I really daren’t get mine checked, It’s probably through the roof. Stressed to **** with this sodding job of mine.
    Saying that a colleague went to his docs to get something else looked at & after checking his BP the doc said ‘I’m signing you off till we get your BP down to somewhere near acceptable’. Dave didn’t even realise it was high!

    Might go & get signed off for a bit.

    Premier Icon MrOvershoot

    Within 4 days I went from 182/118 to 120/62

    Being told where they are going to shove a camera just before a premed tends to stress you for a while.

    Luckily my GP knows me well so didn’t just bung me on med’s straight away 5 years later its still up & down from stress but OK

    Premier Icon leffeboy

    130/90 which I’m told is on the upper end of not to worry about it but maybe think about it a bit. It’t the first time it’s ever been mentioned but my doc is starting to worry about me a bit so I may need to keep an eye on it.

    Are any folks here using machines at home to check it or is it just the usual checkups?


    Pulse 123.

    But I am exanguinating onto the carpe……


    120/74 with a resting heart rate of 62. Diastolic was high until i cut salt out of my diet then within weeks it was down to a normal level.
    I bought an Omron blood pressure monitor when they were on offer at Costco. Same kind of machine our doctors surgery uses. Takes three readings then gives you the average.

    Premier Icon leffeboy

    I bought an Omron blood pressure monitor….

    tx. I know Omron already from a previous job so I think I trust them in this case. Might give it a whirl.

    Next up, got to post some poo through my doctor’s door. Every small child’s dream really (or maybe not)


    First bp test I was 189/129 and resting heart rate of 67, after 3 months on quite high dose of meds I’m now hitting 140/108!! Had a couple of episodes of walking sideways , swaying when standing etc but that is slowly getting better.
    All good fun;)


    Is DrP dead yet?

    Was 160/98

    Now 110/60.

    Lost 30 kg and rode more.

    Currently 141/90, hr 58 and sats 99% on room air, temp 37.4
    Take 5mg of Ramipril daily and 2.5mg bendroflumethiazide. Take my bp every morning Before taking my meds, if it’s below 115/70 I’ll omit the bendro as I end up feeling dizzy when I stand up.

    Didn’t take my ramipril for a week in March and ended with severe Hypertension, 197/127 and one reading 219/120 the Gp upped my Ramipril from 2.5mg to the current 5mg and bollocked me

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