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  • Blood pressure and more specifically pulse pressure
  • tpbiker

    Since giving up the fags and losing some (alot of) weight part of my health kick involves keeping an eye on blood pressure. Last time I got it taken by the doc it was something like 126/69, which is a bit high but not bad and its always higher when I’m at the docs. I know this as I have a monitor at home and usually hover around 118/72 ish.

    I was always under impression that as long as you were under 120/80 you were dandy. Read today however that just as important is the difference between the 2,l numbers, which is the ‘pulse pressure’ and should not be more than 40. Over 40 can indicate higher cardiac risk, and stiff arteries. So basically 118/73 ain’t as good as I thought, and technically you could be 120/60 and at even greater risk.

    Not sure if this is correct or not, doc has never mentioned it even when at last check I had a difference of 57..what are everyone else’s numbers? Would be good to compare mine with the fit folks of stw that haven’t led a life of debauchery for the best part of 44 years.

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    Higher than yours lol.


    Been worried about mine during lockdown,started really feeling/hearing my heart pounding to the point it was keeping me awake at night.
    Bought a home monitor and the average over a few weeks was 120/80 which is pretty standard for a 52-year old stress-monster,not noticing my heart pounding as much now that I`m back to work and exhausted again, so sleeping better too.


    pretty standard for a 52-year old stress-monster,

    I’d say it was better than normal for your age from what I’ve read..

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    Firstly – cardio stuff is not my field and health advice on here is worth what you pay for it

    126/69 or 118/72 – insignificant difference and all the numbers you quote are healthy IMO

    I have led a fairly “bohemian” lifestyle at times and my BP runs low – often around 100 / 55 sometimes too low to allow me to stand up quickly!

    I have not heard of using the difference between the two as a measure of health. Mean arterial pressure yes – thats used in some countries Where did you get the “pulse pressure” from?

    Basically – nowt to worry about with the numbers you quote. Nice and low and healthy for your age

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