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    Got to be sacked. Why not tell his wife? or does he still live at home with his mum?

    Install CCTV or get him net nanny on his PC. or block internet access for him unless strictly supervised whilst on tinterweb.

    He clearly has issues so perhaps refer him to the sex offenders register.

    There’s time and a place FFS…

    Oh, make sure he has plenty of tissues too.


    The correct way to deal with one employee misusing resources is not to incur cost, extra work and punish the rest of the staff, it’s to deal with the person causing the problem.

    Sack him. Explain to everyone else why. End of project. Web filtering assumes your staff are idiots who don’t know what is appropriate and sends the wrong message to people. I don’t filter at my current company and I didn’t at my last company and we only once had to talk to someone about "inappropriate" browsing.

    No sacked, just (another) warning 🙁 They have brought cakes in for us so thats OK.

    Boss needs some balls or I need a new job (along with the rest of the staff who are great)



    Install K9, like I have for my kids laptop.

Viewing 4 posts - 46 through 49 (of 49 total)

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