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  • Block Paving (laid upside down)
  • No chamfer = less space for moss maybe?


    Gotta be down to personal prefs based on aesthetic, innit. Personally, if I was having any type of block paving laid, I’d be looking at some sort of perforated brick, or air-brick, laid so the holes faced upward, then filled with sand or very fine gravel, to aid drainage.
    But that’s just me. 😀


    If there could be any movement, the chamfer may prevent there being an edge or lip, whereas flat edges will make any height variation between blocks v noticeable?

    I’d still go for flat edges and the closer to seamless look…

    there is probably a reason for them to be layed the right way up

    getting them done upside down just sounds like storing up a problem for the future…


    If you get them laid upside down the arises will break off next harsh winter so that you’ll end up with chamfered corners anyway. As much as you might be surprised these things are usually like it for a reason.

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    Im wih ap, they are chamfered for a reason.


    Do the blocks have spacer lugs ?

    If they do they will have a small gap anyway, and it will look horrible laid upside down.

    What pattern are you laying them in ? That will make a lot more difference to how they look when finished.

    But basically I would say it will look crap laid upside down, and people will always just presume you **** up and did it wrong 🙂

    If they are standard paving blocks, eg Marshalls Keyblock or similar, then it is not possible to lay them with tight joints. They have little ridges on the sides to ensure even sized joints (approx 3mm).

    They are laid the right way up with the chamfer on top for a reason. Block paving is designed to be “flexible” and the 3mm sand joint is there to allow movement.

    I’d be wary that they guy suggesting that they can be laid upside down doesn’t know what he is doing.


    Thanks for the quick advise. My concern is also about them lipping. And I can see your point about the edges getting knocked off.

    On the flip side, I can see it might look good. And less moss formation.

    I’m going for a 90 degree herringbone bond.

    All things considered, I shall probably go for right way up. May call Marshalls tomorrow though to see what they say.


    ive seen a lot laid upside down seems to be the trend at the moment looks ok to me


    Getting the block paving laid tomorrow – standard concrete block paving blocks.

    Been offered to have them laid right way up – with a chamfer around the edge of each block.


    Upside down. No Chamfer. Tight joints. Told it looks better.

    Anyone had this? Thoughts?


    They are Brett Omega blocks. I’ve checked the data sheet and use they do have little ridges to give a 3mm gap. So upside down they’ll still have the gap. Just not the chamfer. I’ll call Brett tomorrow to see what they say.


    Spoke with the manufacturer. Played it safe and went right side up.

Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)

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