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  • Bliss protection lightweight body Armour – any experience?
  • robw1
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    Seen these bliss protection team vest body armor vest on offer. they seem pretty light weight. anyone had any expeirce of these?

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    I have the ARG COMP LD TOP, which is really lightweight, very thin, I wear it for skate parks or urban riding and its great for rash/grazes.
    Seems really good quality mine has lasted over 3 years now, hang it up to dry and it doesn’t smell yet.

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    No one order any elbow pads from Biketart ;D , till I’ve had chance! (limited stock on sale, as in only an XS Team vest available)

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    i`ve got the arg top. seems decent. not had a big off. its not hardshell so its mainly to take the worst of the impact.

    i use it for bike park days. doesnt seem to get ridiculously hot.

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    I have some worn once Bluegrass Solid knees and Elbows for sale if any one wants either / both. Drop me a PM.

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    is there much actuality protection though? I take it its not D30 or anything more sophisticated than just foam rubber??

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    Bliss stuff is usually really good, well thought out stuff, I really like my arg kneepads. But chest/body armour has an incredibly hard job, because most of the time it’s not really the thing that you hit that breaks you- it’s the deceleration, and the momentum of your body. You can definitely protect against that, but the bulk required means nobody’d wear it. So most of the time it won’t really do anything except protect against scrapes. And if you do get the pointy injury that it can protect against, that’s still hard to reduce. Is it worth wearing so much, for those rare occasions?

    I kind of like the minimal sides for heat/sweat release but then I figure you’re as likely to land on your side if you wash out as you are on your chest.

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    I take it its not D30 or anything more sophisticated than just foam rubber

    I think some of them have “Armourgel” which seems to be a D30 type material.

    Bliss Protection Comp LD Body Armour

    Down from £209 to £63 if it fits you.

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