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  • chewymk4

    Is there a way to bleed Hope brakes without using the Hope kit?


    Yes, you just need some DOT fluid, a bit of tubing, an open ended spanner and a bottle to catch the fluid in.


    Yes. Very easy. Undo top cap, bit of plastic tube over the bleed nipple. Pull lever, open then close bleed nipple. release lever, repeat. every 4th pull of the lever refill the reservoir with fluid. Wind the reach adjuster right out to get more travel on the lever.


    cheers guys

    I bleed mine from teh caliper up to the leve which works a treat. Bit of hose and syringe full of fluid on the caliper, loosen the bleed nipple, take off the lever reservoir cap and keep emptying the lever reservoir with another syrine. Once there is no more air coming through nip up the nipple (!) and fill the reservoir to bursting point with fluid. Roll the rubber seal onto the fluid and refit reservoir cap.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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