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  • Bleeding elixir 5 :(
  • Does anyone actually bleed this brakes and become successful? ….have this for a year and never a month goes by that i dont bleed this but still ended up mediocre or ok (ish) kinda bleed .

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    Never really had an issue, got two pairs and bleed occasionally when required.


    It may not be a problem with how you are bleeding them, it could more be an issue with the internals of your brakes.
    Because dot fluid is corrosive it can perish the rubber o seals and internals of your brakes, it may be worth rebuilding them with a new internal kit if they are more than 18months old.


    I used to bleed them with a brake block in place of the rotor, now I just leave the wheel in place, rotor protected. Get much better results. 10 mins each end, leant from the video on the Avid site.

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    What eewan said. I struggled for years with bleeding mine then replaced the internals and they work perfectly. Available for £15 from Germany – mail me if you want details and I’ll dig it out. Easy job to replace them too.


    From my experience (4 different sets across 3 different bikes) it’s just a case of taking your time with the bleed process & following the SRAM videos to the letter.

    Been running Elixir’s for about 3 years now & have found them to be pretty reliable. I’m aware that there are plenty of folk who’ve had issues.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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