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  • Bleeding brakes and this cones out
  • allthepies

    It’s the black oil from the X-Files 😯


    Taste it, does it taste like sh1t ?

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    Yes, it has definitely been filled with the wrong fluid – black treacle by the look of it!

    You could try flushing it through with mineral oil and if you’re lucky it’ll be OK but I suspect it won’t have done the seals much good.

    Make some gingerbread?


    dot5 that has started to destroy all the seals?


    looking at the deore brake its probably just the original mineral oil from the factory bleed.

    ive bled worse out of deore brakes that have lived a long and fruitful life.

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    his gravel boards look a bit utilitarian.

    Friend has sent me this picture of what came out of a SHIMANO brake. It’s from a second hand brake. Has it been filled with the wrong fluid?

    IMG_5874.jpeg by Alpine160, on Flickr


    I flushed by M785 XTs through after a year or so’s use and the old stuff coming out was discoloured but not as bad as that.
    I wouldn’t necessarily jump to the conclusion that it’s the wrong fluid. Just change it anyway.

    Thinking aloud… Could you test it by pouring some into water.
    Shimano oil would separate. I assume that DoT fluid would behave differently being hygroscopic. Maybe someone can confirm.

    I have a similar picture of bleed fluid from a year old m785. It looked more like mud than oil.

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    Flush system thoroughly, and watch. If it was the wrong fluid I would have thought that as new fluid came out they would not mix… but don’t know never put mineral and D4 together.

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