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  • Bleed kit for Shimano XT brakes
  • I’ve never bled Shimano brakes. Have loads of (clean) syringes about from Reverbs and things.

    What specialist stuff do i need? Just the Shimano kit Wiggle are selling for £8 or is the Epic Bleed Kit worth £15?

    Also, is there anything useful in the Epic bleed kit for Hope? I’ve always just done it with nothing more than a bit of tube.

    The bleed bucket that Shimano do is a god send. All you really need is that and a syringe.

    As above, sounds like you only need the Shimano bucket thing.

    If only Sram/ Avid would make things that simple. 🙄


    Bucket definitely recommended.

    I’m just working on a SRAM Guide now. So much faff and still difficult to get right.

    Hope are so much easier


    Your reverb syringe fitting will screw into the top bleed port. No need for the bucket.

    You can use this syringe open and let gravity take the fluid through or with the plunger and give it a little helping hand. Remember to position the calliper so it’s bleed port is at the top. I normally remove it and take the pads out. I have a bit of nylon that I put in between the pistons for bleeding that saves any danger of contaminated pads. All you need is a bit of clear rubber hose to attach to the bleed port and an empty whisky bottle to collect the oil.


    I use half a Reverb threaded syringe at the lever instead of the bucket/funnel and a syringe and tubing at the caliper that was a couple of quid off eBay.

    Edit: great minds think alike lyrikal.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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