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  • Blast from the past…Ragley Blue Pig-X
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    Ok, got loads of 26 inch stuff still knocking around the garage and seemed a shame to sell at such a loss so, in fact it seemed cheaper to buy a 26 inch frame like a BFE, 456 etc and have another bike…spotted a Blue Pig-X for good money and bought it.

    I’ve had a Piglet before and loved it, I gather this is the more extreme model, what’s it like?

    Genuine owners opinions please….heard all the usual tosh about poor finish and oval head tubes in the past but this one’s been up and running and I’m getting it second hand.

    Likely to be running 26 inch wheels (although internet rumor suggests early Ragleys could take 650b, any truth in this?)….1×11 Shimano drive train with N/W chain ring and Deore brakes and a 140mm Revelation up front, the usual short stem and wide bar combo obviously.

    Folly or good fun and shits and giggles at places like FoD, BPW etc….?

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    Honestly. **** brilliant, get some proper marzocchi 55 rc3 ti’s up front at 160mm. Love nine, just really good fun and certainly doesn’t hold be back being a hardtail or 26. I’ve got 2.5 muddy Mary’s on mine with ample clearance.

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    I loved mine, it ended up cracking around the seattube/seatstay area and it was replaced with a Piglet 2 before some other bikes came along. The Piglet 2 was similar, but didn’t descend quite like the BPX. In my head I could tell that it was made of nicer steel than the 4130/Reynolds 525 steel frames I’d ridden before it. Whether or not the TrueTemper Platinum Ox contributes to the ride is probably beyond my sensing but it’s a fantastic frame.

    It was on a 150/130 Revelation with XT, 12mm Maxle in the back. Bars were 760 on a 60 stem and it was ridden in the South East before properly getting to know it in the Peak. The travel adjust fork helped compensate for the climbing.

    If you need spare QR or Maxle dropouts, cable guides or the weird seatclamp shim let me know as I’ve held onto the spares for some reason. I’ve also got a Nukeproof headset that will fit.

    Seeing as the one you’ve spotted has lasted this long, it should be outside the batch with the bad reputation. You’ll love it 😀

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    My mate has one in 650b flavour and it’s brilliant. Not sure of the differences between the 26 and 650b but it’s burly well finished and looks nicer than dmr or Stanton. The position is good but they might have gone longer and slacker with newer models. Definitely shows though.

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    Excellent, should be here Monday, can’t wait now!

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    Absolutely loved mine, the Ragleys of that era were well ahead of the geo curve and the ‘X’ was the pick of the bunch imo, a seriously fun bike 🙂

    Unfortunately mine also cracked at the seat tube, seat stay weld, seems like a common fault.

    Pretty sure I’ve got a mech hanger somewhere if you need a spare.

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    A touch short if you believe current trends and can’t measure. Sagged to ride height I think makes a lot more sense geometry sheet wise but some people will still say is too short but…

    And works on steep technical terrain really well as that’s what it was designed to do.

    Loved doing the Ragley thing and it was a shame I didn’t really finish the job properly though it was always going to live in the shadow of Nukeproof and Vitus which have both turned out great too and I was really happy to have some part in.

    Have my original blue pig still and really should build it up again.

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    Never had a Pig X but my Ti was the best hardtail I’ve ever ridden, it was just glorious. Had some coiled blackbox revelations, some light but solid wheels, proper tyres, dropper post. I would have liked to put an inch of reach in it if I could but maybe that would have ruined the balance, which is really why it was so good. I expected it to be an awesome dh hardtail and it was but it was also the best technical climber I’ve ever ridden.

    Miss ya, Ragley Ti. But you paid for my 3d printer and my fatbike, so, I don’t miss you that much.

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    the best technical climber I’ve ever ridden.

    It was a balancing act and I think we got it pretty good.

    Inspired by watching Ton ride up the hill to Jack Bridge.

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    “blast from the past”

    Feels more like last week,I’d use that term for a Raven or something 7 speed.

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    my ti is so much fun to ride !
    oldschool !!…but still in use…thats an older pic

    still have my first gen blue pig and my bagger..heavily used frames..
    hanging on the wall in my workshop..waiting to be restored one day

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    Would love a Ti one. A mmmBop (same geo as the Blue Pig but alu) is still my main trail bike and it’s great fun to ride. Something with similar weight but a bit less harsh would be brilliant. Don’t think I’d ever pay good money for a second hand Ti frame though.

    marzocchi 55 rc3 ti’s up front at 160mm

    Horses for courses I guess. Built mine up originally with 160 lyrics, tough wheels and wide bars. Wanted a burly DH HT. it was ok DH but crap everywhere else. Transformed with 130 revs, lighter wheels (crest rims), not so wide bars, a slightly longer stem, and a lighter build.

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    one of the very 1st Blue Pigs. loaned from Brant.
    a very little bike or a very big rider……… 😆

    [url=]Hawes 20-9-09[/url] by Dee P Jay, on Flickr

    pre ride faffing of a mmm bopper

    [url=]STW Ogden Water 4-10-09[/url] by Dee P Jay, on Flickr

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    I’ve still got my blue pig x. Use it each winter for mucking about on jumps, through to all day epics.
    Currently got 150mm Secktors, 1 x 11, and a dropper. Don’t feel any urge to replace it as it just works really well and we’ve been through so much together. I use 2.4″ tyres on it which make the wheels pretty big.

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