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  • Telemaster18

    Has anybody taken a hard tail there and can comment how they got on down each of the runs. Going to be going hopefully in a couple of weeks and have got a Blue pig.



    Northwind – Member
    It is 90% gravel, it’s just that some of the gravel is as big as a fridge.

    TBH a lot of that full run vid isn’t to my taste, I can’t jump for toffee and it seems very jumpy. But that hardly makes it bad. Actually it makes me bad! It’ll be a wee bit disappointing if they’re all along those lines to be fair, but still it’ll be a great facility and an awful lot better than no dh tracks.

    Riding jumpy trails WILL teach you to jump.

    Premier Icon Northwind

    I’d sooner have a pile of rocks- I’ve never bothered to get good at jumping because I don’t find it that interesting tbh. Just a matter of taste… So I reckon some of these tracks might not be for me but not because there’s something wrong with them- there’s lots of perfectly good stuff I don’t like 😉

    I think the problem is headcams just don’t do anything dangerous and gnarly full justice~ in many respects this just looks like a gravel path, even with a rider in shot…


    Premier Icon Northwind

    Aye… And also, since it’s such a new trail it looks doubly silly as there’s been no regrowth or encroachment, no dirt carried onto it or anything… Brand new trails tend to look weird especially when made with material that stands out so much


    Great link thanks Grum.

    This really is looking like it has something for everyone. And on A and B line, those smoother bits will be a welcome break after you’ve done 7 or more runs when the wrists and hands start to hurt.

    Anyone moaning needs to get a life; this is fantastic for the sport and Snowdonia and is sure to be a success.

    Just think of the riding you have in that area now? From Coed-y-Brenin and Gwdyr to Penmachno or a push up Snowdon .. to this …



    I’m staying in Beddgelert for a week in August, the trail choice is fantastic now!

    Premier Icon Northwind

    Really liking those vids…

    Does anyone know if they’ll be operating a closing season like Fort William etc? No chance I’ll get down there til October 🙁


    God, I’m going to have to go to **** Wales now.


    Nice vids on, looks like it’ll be a fun place.

    I’ve never bothered to get good at jumping because I don’t find it that interesting tbh


    jumps are the best thing about riding!

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    There’s all that good stuff happening down on the ground, and what do you do? You jump over it. It’s a sin. Having said that I do like landings and I’m quite partial to a good take off, it’s just the bit in the middle


    hi, I visited the centre on the opening weekend after a day riding cat coed e brenin.
    We didn’t book and were very lucky to get places on the uplift due to a few dropping out.
    I’m more of an xc rider more than downhill and i found the blue and red trail fantastic, it’s very steep in places, fast, full of berms, jumps and drop offs even more extreme on the black sections.
    I mainly stuck to the blue and red trail for the day and had bags of fun, the black run was certainly a massive step up on difficulty than the others but it did look good.
    Advice for anyone heading down, knee and elbow pads a must, i would recommend a full face even though i took an enduro helmet.
    Bikewise is entirely up to you , i took my trek fuel with 120mm suspension and it was good fun but to be honest it was a mixed bag on the day, some people sticking to the black trail on bigger bikes and others enjoying the other routes.
    All in all a belting day and i will be returning..


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