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  • Blackspire Stinger VS the Superstar Copy (FIGHT – You Decide)
  • rob jackson

    Right – i need a double chain device, looking at these two. I know the BS has a stepped roller but is £6 more.

    ISG05 required

    any reason NOT to get the cheap copy?


    Dunno what the BS one is like, but my SS one has been very good. I’ve regreased the bearings once already though (after about 1 month), just need to check them fairly often.


    I have a BS one on my Pitch and it has worked perfectly for three years. I did have to add a washer between the roller and backplate. The stepped roller does help IMO. Coloured rollers too 🙂


    My brother went with the BS one. Reckoned the reviews on CRC/superstar alluded to the stepped roller making a worthwhile difference

    not Blackspire but not made from crushed dreams and kittens tears either.

    Premier Icon kayak23

    I’ve had both, and while I’m usually well up for superstar kit, blackspire have the better device here.
    The stepped roller is just………..better. Quality feels better too and the roller seems to have a little bit of a softer compound.
    blackspire all the way on this one.

    Premier Icon deus

    I’ve just got a pink BS, i likes it (colourwise) will have to give it a proper test and while i might miss the single and bash i’m sure i’ll appreciate the granny.


    i use the stinger from blackspire 🙂

    Premier Icon composite

    Just fitted a Stinger. Not finished the build yet so not actually ridden it. Went for the Stinger after doing much research and “the people” seemed to think it was the better piece of kit. I’m normally a fan of Superstar as well, got 2 sets of their wheels, grips, seat posts etc.


    Stinger works really well. Got one with a seized bearing (been running it for 4 years) and it still works fine.


    My Stinger has been faultless

    Premier Icon Mr Agreeable

    My Stinger goes through bearings about once a year. Replacements are cheap (think they’re the standard skateboard wheel size) but other than that it’s quiet, reliable and only minimal wear to the roller after 4 years of weekly use.

Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)

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