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  • climbingkev

    Despite my wishes fitness/location/budget wont allow me to go 1×10 🙁
    Therefore, I’m sticking with 2×9 but desperately need a (cheap!) chainguide.

    Does anyone have experiences of the above, ideally both, or any other solutions I should consider.

    For info: SLX double and bash, XT gearset, Nukeproof Mega ISCG 05.



    I have one of each, and – to be honest – I can’t remember which is which without cleaning the mud off. I think the SS one had two bearings in the roller, which was nice. But the roller on the Stinger was stepped.


    I use a Stinger with my (soon to be replaced with 1×10) 2×9 set up & haven’t lost the chain since installing it, although this is on a HT.
    The bearing doesn’t last long in a UK winter though.
    Can’t comment on the Superstar as I’ve not used it.

    I should probably add, one of mine currently sports bearings that I had kicking around sat in a roller that I found on a descent in Chatel after seizing mine on the descent before and deciding I preferred the shape of the one I found.

    True story.

    Premier Icon Lummox

    Running a superstar double for nearly two years, been faultless on my five. Still running sweet as a nut.


    Cheers guys, thinking Superstar, and they’re cheap!

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    Slight thread hijack: I have problems with the chain occasionally skipping off on a couple of my bikes –

    one is a Salsa Selma singlespeed frame run with an Alfine Hub, the other a Cotic Roadrat with a 1×9 xt mech and a big ring at the front.

    What kind of chain guide would be compatible with either, and would stop the chain skipping off?


    A top guide like this on the 1×9 should do:

    If you’re losing the chain on a SS I suspect its more of a chain line issue…?

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    Was having the same dilemma myself. Found a bunch of people saying the superstar one was problematic. Bad fitment, bearing wearing out very quick. Didn’t find anything bad about the stinger.

    Decided that I’m going to ride my build for a bit first before getting anything to see if I really need one or not. If I do then 99% sure I’m going for the stinger.


    Stinger with SLX Double and bash here.


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