Black Friday…. did you buy owt?

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  • Black Friday…. did you buy owt?
  • Premier Icon lunge

    Tacx Flux, I wanted a new turbo and at £400 it’s was a no brainer. Wanted an Elite Direto but couldn’t justify the extra £150 on top of the Flux.

    For some reason last Friday seemed also to be Black Friday on the Playstation store, so I bought DiRT Rally for the PS4 @70% off £8.99).  For those long winter nights when nothing else will do.

    I think this is the first Black Friday thing I’ve ever bought, and it wasn’t even Black Friday as I bought it on Wednesday.  Ah well.  It’s ace nonetheless.  And really, really difficult to master.  The engine noises alone are worth the admission.  Makes NFS cars sound even more like distant lawnmowers powered by a hairdryer motors 😋

    Premier Icon frogstomp

    I picked it up from Currys in the end at it was the closest to me, interestingly perhaps they had another version, same size, same brand, same features, but slightly different model number – £400 reduced from £500. I asked the guy if it was different, he said “I don’t think so, it’s a Black Friday Special”.

    I read somewhere that they make a model that is slightly different (e.g. diferent colour bezel) that’s exclusive to a particular retailer to avoid price matching.

    Hive, phone, OneUp EDC, shirts, tyres and cat food purchased by me..


    I read somewhere that they make a model that is slightly different (e.g. diferent colour bezel) that’s exclusive to a particular retailer to avoid price matching.

    That wouldn’t surprise me. I almost bought a branded washing machine from them before I found out it was not only a curry’s only machine, but Curry’s actually had them manufactured by someone else and paid to use the brand! Customer reviews were appalling, dodged a bullet there.

    For some reason last Friday seemed to be ‘Black Friday’ in my head, so I toddled over to the Playstation store and checked out the discounts.  I sat on it for a few days and finally bought DiRT Rally for the PS4 @70% off, ie £8.99).  For those long cold winter nights when nothing less than a blanket, rum and race-athon will suffice.

    I think this is the first ‘Black Friday’ thing I’ve ever bought, and it wasn’t even Black Friday as I bought it on Wednesday.  Ah well.  It was Black Friday inspired, and is ace nonetheless.  And really, really difficult to master.  The engine noises and easy replays alone are worth the admission.  Makes NFS and GT in-game engine sounds even more like distant lawnmowers powered by hairdryer motors 😋  Have a gander/earful, share my joy!:

    Premier Icon peteimpreza

    A Hope stem.

    Where are there deals on cat food?

    Premier Icon frogstomp

    Where are there deals on cat food?

    Amazon had some lightning deals.. not sure if they’re still on.


    Exposure Joystick for 89 quid from cyclerepublic. Not sure if it’s a Black Friday thing as the deal is still on.


    Impact driver from screw fix for the future garden Room that probably won’t get built.😁

    Premier Icon hillingdonbanana

    and a waffle iron of all things, for my daughter

    You are not alone, I did exactly the same!

    Picked up a bunch of things from Amazon Warehouse as they were doing an extra 20% off… one of them turned up with some bits missing, called up Amazon, got a full refund and they said I could keep it (a set of dumbbells that were missing the securing collars).

    Premier Icon cinnamon_girl

    @ Cougar – re new Chromecast, I have a glitch on mine when attempting to cast Channel 4 programs.  In fact it’s pretty much unusable despite uninstalling then reinstalling app.  Would this happen with a new Chromecast do you think?  Thanks!


    Anker soundcore 2 for £27. Had been after one for a while for on the turbo in garage but theyve been £40 for ages. Back up to £40 again today so happy that it was a genuine reduction.

    Premier Icon Cougar

    Would this happen with a new Chromecast do you think?

    I’ve no idea TBH.  It’s higher spec than the original, supposed to be a lot faster and snappier in operation so it might well fix the problem.  For £20 I’d probably chance it.

    If you’ve got the V2 – hockey-puck shaped thing rather than a stick – then it’s an incremental upgrade so maybe not (unless yours is faulty of course).

    Premier Icon kelron

    Some PC games, a pizza and a bicycle. The last 2 weren’t black friday sales though.

    Premier Icon cinnamon_girl

    Cougar – thanks for that, suspect I have the original so worth taking a punt.  It works on everything else except Channel 4 where it keeps stopping and going back to the start, very frustrating.


    A pair of SIDI shoes, gloves for the road bike and a Superdry bag


    anyone noticed prices increase just before

    then lo

    bargain of the century

    they should call it trying to shift last years overpriced shit still friday

    Premier Icon Caher

    Thinking about one the OLED TVs from Richer Sounds but my 6 year old LG is still so good and 4K is still pretty sparce, so can’t justify it.

    Did buy a new bike last were though.

    Vittoria Corsa’s

    S – Works 7 Shoes (Not till my birthday)

    Rab Microlight Jacket (missed out last year)


    New phone, though badged as ‘Black Friday’ was on sale over a week earlier. £200 for a Moto Z2 Force and a free pair of gawdy headphones. Bargain.  Just need the Moto Mod power pack to come back into stock on Amazon to compensate for the meagre battery.

    The rest of Black Friday was meh.


    Wasn’t going to but last thing last night remembered I was planning on buying a Sony zx2 compact in the next month or so so thought I might as well see if anyone had a deal and much to my surprise (as there’s normally sod all I want on offer) it was available on giff gaff £50 cheaper than cheapest I could find anywhere else and a free pair of £120 wireless headphones included.


    Some vittoria Corsa CX III

    A bunch of chains

    some old stock shimano MT53 shoes, (Very)Old model I know but I really liked mine for the short while i had them before some dodgy african mud got the better of them.

    Merlin saved me a pack of money by having sold the last of the Road bike I liked(maybe better so I already have 5 lying around)


    I bought a Logitech M590 bluetooth mouse for £26.99 from PC wolrd today, which apparently was reduced from £49.99 … how on earth can a bluetooth mouse be that expensive …

    One mouse two PCs … one being laptop … arrggghhh …

    Resisted the urge to buy a set of reserve carbon wheels 20% off on ubyk,

    think I’ll wait another year till Xt 12 speed is launched and I.ll need the newer hub

    oh and a bergamot grandurance drop handle  ..

    In the end all I bought was a shirt on H&M £14..

    dissapointed with crc and wiggle same stuff has been on sale weeks, didn’t spot any new offers


    Flights for the family to fuertaventura for Feb half term. School have an inset day on the Friday before half term and picked up some discounted rayanir tickets for that date which knocked best part of 1k off the price of going on the sat or sun.

    ….and the Bikehut light


    Bought a clutch alignment tool and a Garmin 735 xt watch charger

    Saved zero

    But I did have a clutch to align and a watch with a broken charger …..

    Premier Icon davosaurusrex

    Some properly discounted Christmas lego for the kids and a 15 quid Osram outside light, supposed to have been 48 quid originally but I think it would be more like 25 so a BF swiss I reckon. Still, put it up over the garage doors today and will be good for before and after night rides.

    Need some new hiking boots but the offers didn’t seem any better than usual, it is all a bit meh now. Best one i saw was the Technic crane down to £110 from 230 but we have nowhere to put it and the wife would justifiably have killed me


    New SRAM X7 FD for a tenner off ebay.


    Two Fire 8HD 32 gb without ads for £80 each (down from £110 each) for the kids’ Christmas presents. Sorted.

    Premier Icon prawny

    15% off just eat, so had a curry. It wasn’t as good as normal, I think they’d knocked the quality down by 15% to compensate.

    Got a coupe of echo dots while they were on £25, we’d been thinking about a speaker for the kitchen anyway and these will do the job, notmsure where to put the other one yet, somewhere upstairs, but not in the way.

    Premier Icon metalheart

    I upgraded my phone allowance on a black friday deal (0.5 to 25Gb 😜). No way I’ll use that amount (but I can ‘gift’ it to my 4g broadband…

    i bought a new helmet (but it wasn’t specifically discounted, the guy in Alpine gave me 10% though).

    i did succumb to 20% off some funcy Fjallraven breeks… 🤦🏻‍♀️


    Basketball shoes for the daughter and desperately needed pair of flat pedals for me. Made use of Quidco (though one never knows for sure if that discount comes through) and addidas’ 30% off.

    Son who was extremely keen to get the pre release whatever hyped up NBA2K19 paid 70odd quid a few months ago is abit disappointed that he saw it on sale now for 30!! He has learnt his lesson now.

    Premier Icon kimbers

    @cinanom_girl the channel 4 app is just terrible, ime !

    Got some Nike trainers 60% off on their store

    And got all the kids Xmas presents at Smyth’s yesterday with their 10% off. Not a huge saving, but all that’s out the way now!


    I was on the look out for some road carbon disc wheels but in the end bought a joie 360 car seat for 10 month old mini D. That’s how I roll these days.

    Premier Icon johnw1984

    Missus bought me a Calibre Astronut for Christmas while they were 20% off.  Christmas day will be spent on a pump track somewhere 🙂


    Hope E4 brakes and rotors from Ubyk.

    I had intended doing the bulk of my Christmas shopping on Black Friday but the deals were a bit meh.


    LETITSALE for 50% off all wolf watch products. picked myself up a 10 piece box. was nearly swayed for a winder. free p+p


    I bought a sandwich for lunch from the Coop and some brake pads from Wiggle for the commuter. The whole black Friday thing doesn’t really do anything for me….

    Saved ourselves at least £700 by taking the advice of some on here & not buying a new telly in Black Friday sales. The old one had green lines running down the screen which have seemingly vanished, so we don’t need another telly just now!

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