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  • Bit of a set up revelation – 2 stage
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    If it works it works, on my last bike i follwed the trend and put a 50mm stem and 1x on it. Reverted to 2x and 70mm was much better, new bike came with and was designed for 1x and 50mm its fine. Sometimes the experts do know what theyre talking about.

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    So after 30 plus years riding I thought I had a feel for what works for me and have been guided by this in my set ups.

    The first revelation happened a couple of years ago with tyre pressures and getting a decent digital gauge.

    The second came last night ……

    I’ve had a fair few 29ers over the years. Almost all frames have been in XL as to needing the TT length.

    Even with the longest I could get I still ended up running 80 & 90mm stems despite the manufacturers, for example, recommending 50-60mm.

    Asking for some examples on the FB Stanton page last night of set ups for folk riding an XL Sherpa the response was overwhelming consistent that the frame behaves better with a shorter stem. Much shorter.

    Sooo, at 1130 last night, I broke out a 50mm Thomson stem and test fitted in with my new forks with a couple of spacers underneath.

    I’ve gone from a 110mm Reba running a 90mm stem (negatively) and no spacers to 120mm Pike running a 50mm stem with (currently) 20mm spacers. Both running flat 760 bars.

    Aesthetically the bike looked a heap better but I was skeptical it would work and not feel hugely cramped.

    A test spin at lunch, and whilst not extensive, the initial feel is good, very good.

    Emperors new clothes or bike designers knowing what works with their bikes 😆

    To end on a cliche ….. looks like you can teach an old dog new tricks!

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