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  • Bit of a frame sale – pics
  • Premier Icon terrahawk

    I’ve got a few surplus frames…God knows how I’ve accumulated this many but I’m not going to do anything with them so here goes…

    Brand new Dialled Bikes Prince Albert Classic – 853 frame, 17″
    Gorgeous matt black, still in packing. I’ve removed most of it for the benefit of the photos. these are £425 new, so how about 300 posted.

    Airborne Lancaster Ti hardtail frame – medium
    In great condition, disc and v-brake mounts. lovely metal headtube badge. 400 posted.

    DMR Switchback, matt green, medium (17″ I think)
    I’ve actually been using this one. there’s some cable rub but it’s generally in good nick. £85 posted.

    Orange Patriot 66 – 16″. Matt green with a Manitou Swinger coil shock.
    awesome frame. the paint has seen some action but there’s no dents. swingarm bearings good. £320 posted.

    Santa Cruz Heckler – medium – 2001 model (I think – not 100% sure). This is immaculate for the year of manufacture. I’ve never built it up and it looks like the previous owner didn’t do a great deal with it either. Will be sad to see this one go but it’s not going to get any use. Fox Vanilla coil shock. all bearings seem good and the paint is lovely. would be a good retro build project.
    £250 posted?

    that’s it for now. will listen to sensible offers. will have more stuff soon as I reach deeper into the cellar…
    contact me at jasonm AT


    Premier Icon wwaswas

    and I thought I accumulated stuff 😯

    What’s size is head tube on the orange?


    what’s size is head tube (center to top) on the dmr switchback?


    Premier Icon terrahawk

    Liam – 120mm
    piccio – sorry the DMR has been sold.

    woops my bad should have been more clear 😳 what size headset does it take 1 1/8th or other?thanks

    Premier Icon terrahawk
Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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