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  • Premier Icon stumpyjon

    After biblical rain at the weekend, saw bits of road under water that haven’t flooded in years on Sunday,the extra water made trail building more akin to bog snorkeling. Today its a tad breezy in East Lancs, road ride this morning was fun downhill, having to pedal to keep moving. What’s it like where you are?

    Premier Icon Harry_the_Spider

    Just had a near zero visibility downpour. Glad I wasn’t on the motorway.


    Severn Bridge closed due to an overturned lorry.
    Luckily I turned round and worked from home this morning when I hit a 3 mile queue at 6:45 this morning.


    Good point haven’t bungees my bins.

    Premier Icon mtbfix

    Video from a friend in Co. Waterford looked biblical. The downside to a view of the Atlantic!


    Bit blowy in the SW… put some extra ropes on the boat before high spring tide, although the wind has now dropped a bit

    Premier Icon ratherbeintobago

    It was fine this morning in SE Lancs, and I met a couple of other bikers out, who’d brought forward their weekly evening ride to the morning because of the forecast.

    It’s now utterly minging.


    I’ve got one of those silver tent/temporary garage monstrosities in the back garden as project ‘quart into a pint pot’ continues. It is now ratchet strapped to various gas bottles and a jack that weighs 46kg, its days of rearing up are hopefully over!

    Premier Icon paladin

    Gusting 85 in Aberdeen bay, had enough of it now!


    I’ll be earning my wages in the next couple of days as a short haul airline captain. southerly winds means straight across most of the main uk runways 🙇🏽‍♂️

    Premier Icon bruneep

    Carnage out there….


    Premier Icon Cougar

    I’m also in East Lancs, so unsurprisingly it’s fairly similar here.

    Storm Brenda apparently.


    I’m taking the train from London to Edinburgh in the morning for an interview…hopefully no mishaps


    Look on the bright side, my electricity prices are peanuts tonight so all white goods will be running during the night


    Rain seems to have just hit Cambridge, all the cats have come in to sit by the fire…


    Wee bit windy in Edinburgh. NOthing special

    Glad my outdoor pootling finished before 1300, the wind has sounded horrendous this afternoon in SO18 while I’ve been on and off the turbo! 😮

    Was a bit tasty earlier, calmed down now.

    Worst thing about today was that it was blue bin day, countless bins blown over when I went out for a run at 3, sad, **** plastic shit everywhere.



    Storm Brendan apparently.

    Absolutely knackered by the time I finished work this afternoon! The yard at work is completely exposed, and walking into the wind was hard work, plus I was on arrivals, doing the appraisal on cars being delivered, the cars are lined up facing into the wind, so it becomes a real struggle trying to stop doors being slammed shut, especially on fingers, or trying to get out of cars – I couldn’t actually force the door open on a Sportage at one point, the wind was so strong I couldn’t get any leverage to force it open enough to get my foot outside the car.
    After several hours it got a bit wearing…

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