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  • Birthday Present new build (road bike).
  • AndyF1

    Premier Icon Houns

    Nice that, needs to lose the yellow bits though


    Wow that is nice. I like black bikes with extra black on top 🙂


    V v nice. Always liked Colnago’s, was in wheelbase at Stavley the other day and they had a £10.5 k C59 built up. When I finally dragged myself away there was a pool of my dribble on the floor 😳

    seriously nice and ive never owned a road bike! some dollars worth im sure

    and everyone knows yellow and black goes well together!

    possibly the nicest looking road bike ive ever seen!


    Very nice, nice to have a splash of yellow with all that black.

    Is it a 52/54??

    Clearly needs moar….erm….urghhhh…..nope looks bloody perfect that!

    Premier Icon joat


    Looks nice but sadly Colnago/ Shimano fail for the purists! 😉


    Mulletus Maximus – Member
    Looks nice but sadly Colnago/ Shimano fail for the purists!



    There has to be one green eyed monster..

    There can be another word for purist, though you’ve probably been shown it by a hand gesture 🙂

    Premier Icon nickdavies

    That’s quite possibly the coolest looking road bike I’ve seen.

    Struggling to find fault with the brickwork/pointing/drive etc as well, you could have at least shot it next to a dodgy fence panel to give us something to pick fault with cause I can’t find anything on the bike!

    Premier Icon wonkey_donkey

    Nice work on they tyre / rim logo alignment. Good work 8)

    Premier Icon nickc

    very very cool.

    I have jealous

    Bloody hell ChunkyMTB, chill out! The clue to that comment was in the emoticon at the end. 🙄

    For the record, I think it’s a lovely bike and I have no problem with what groupsets are used with any bikes. It was just an off the cuff comment that I made in the true fashion of STW. I’m sure had I not made it someone else would have come along with a similar comment.


    Very nice. Which Ksyriums are those, the SLR?


    Very nice. Which Ksyriums are those, the SLR?

    R-SYS SLRs, aren’t they?

    That bike is STUNNING. The silver of the DA does stand out against all the black (Ultegra or a Campag groupset might blend in a bit better), but I can’t even imagine how nice that would be to ride. Beautiful. 🙂

    EDIT: Did you consider the C59 disc?


    I can’t see past that odd coloured brick…. nice bike tho.


    you’ll hate that colour on a hot day. Sweat drips onto it and it looks awful when it dries on the matte black! Same goes for any drink you drip etc.

    That said, I’d still have a matte black bike! lovely bike!!!

    Premier Icon househusband

    That needs hanging on the loving room wall when not being ridden! 🙂


    Nice, you’re a lucky man.

    Good work with the gear selection & valve/tyre logo alignment, too.



    Gorgeous. Only one thing I’d change, of course.

    Premier Icon TiRed

    Lovely bike. For added carbon and yellow, you need 12nM KEO Blade pedals. I also think you need to fit a shorter stem and rotate the shifters down slightly so the tops are horizontal. At the moment, you’ll struggle to use them on the drops. I’ve been impressed with the Mavic tyres on my Ksyriums.

    And fit some Arundel carbon bottle cages for extra bling.


    The bars/stem look bob-on. I would take anecdotal Internet forum bike fitting advice with a pinch of salt.

    Premier Icon MrOvershoot

    Odd brick below the seat cluster aside.

    That is one nice bike with little to fault

    The undercoat looks great. What colour’s it gonna be?



    wow, that’s nice.
    I have dreams about matt black bikes with gloss black bits on it.


    Now that is a really good looking bike, loving the matt/gloss black finish


    The only thing wrong with that bike is that it leaves no room for aspirational purchases 😀 It’s already the best of the best. I guess you’ll have to console yourself with riding it!

    It is very very nice. I like fishing tackle especially when it works so well. Campagnolo may be Italian but like the Italians it only ever works half the time and even then its only on their terms 😀

    “Change gear godamnit”
    “A sure, I willa changea gear maybe tomorrow. Is a ok by you?”

    Yeh, awesome.

    Looks like you’ve rushed the build though – stem not slammed, bars/brifters in a funny position, cables too long.

    A few tweeks and it’d be perfect.


    Maybe, just maybe, the stem is actually in the correct place for where the rider wants to have the bars?

    Just sayin’ like.

    He could have at least slammed it for forum photos, then put it back up when he wants to ride it. Doesnt take much!

    Just sayin’ like 😀


    all you need now is a bat cave


    He could have at least slammed it for forum photos, then put it back up when he wants to ride it. Doesnt take much!

    😀 Very good point.

    Very nice!


    Quick update,Its a 48 sloping and I cant take credit for the valves and logo alignment. I bought a pait of Veloflex tyres to put straight on the Ksyrium SLR wheels,but the Mavic tyres seem better than I thought they would be.
    The brakes are superb,without a doubt the best road brakes I`ve ever used.
    The front mech Is a faff to get spot on,and the only upgrade I fancy is a Fizik R1 saddle over the Arione cx I`ve swiped off another bike.
    Thanks for the comments.

    Premier Icon tomhoward

    Lovely bike, just one question, why no ‘leccy gears? (Not a criticism, just curious)


    Valid question… I feel the shift is great Manual,and batteries hanging off the down tube/bulky mechs make it a little clumsy looking.

    Premier Icon solarider

    Beautiful. Just beautiful.

    I would suggest a set on Enve 3.4s on it when you fancy splashing some more cash. Anything deeper would look out of place on such a small frame. But you will have to look hard and spend a lot to save much weight from the Mavics.

    Personally I would have gone Di2. Pure extravagence, absolutely no need for it, but once you go electronic, you won’t go back. And with the hidden battery options, it looks slicker than mechanical these days.

    Nit picking though. You must be chuffed with that.


    Yep, that is lovely. Out of curiosity, have you weighed it? Also, I’d agree with Solarider on the wheels.

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