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  • Birmingham for a few hours on a Saturday night
  • Possibly giving 4 17/18 yr old girls a lift to and from a Gorillaz concert on 2nd Dec – God help me.

    Any suggestions on what to do? Could take my camera, but wary of wandering round a busy city centre on a Saturday night.

    The Christmas market is on, but Mrs STR would be majorly unhappy if I went without her


    See if there’s a film on at the imax, or go for a curry.
    Get a ticket and go to the gig.

    Premier Icon midlifecrashes

    Say what? I thought Gorillaz was the dad music and you got your kid to drive you there as payback for the cost of their driving lessons.

    Roter Stern

    The Arena is a short walk to Broad St. Plenty of bars on the canal banks there. Or go for a Balti in Sparkhill.

    Premier Icon chakaping

    I’d go and see a film.

    **** Christmas markets, you’d have to pay me.

    Premier Icon lucky7500

    Go to the gig / take your wife as well and go to the market / go home and come back to pick them up / leave them to get a cab back.

    Is it my imagination or has this exact thread happened before, except with seeing a different band?

    Premier Icon Nobeerinthefridge

    Defo a curry.

    I’d love an evening in a good curry house on my tod, bliss. Distinct danger of nodding off though on way home!.

    Dad music – well, I can’t stand em. Albran makes me want to smash things (mostly him). She’s not passed her test yet – it was going to be train there and a bloody expensive taxi back – we live near Matlock.

    Our minicab/bus driver of choice is busy and yes there’ll be others, but certainly don’t want them getting in a random Birmingham cab! Just thought it might be easier if I fetch them – gives me a reason to have a weekend night off the booze. I don’t have to take them, but it’s an option.

    No room for Mrs STR. I’ve not done this thread before. Can’t say I’m to bothered about a Christmas market, but it might make for some good street photography

    Premier Icon ransos

    That’s the second time in a week I’ve heard of a teenager being really into Gorillaz. I find this surprising considering they formed about twenty years ago!


    The xmas market will be totally rammed on a Saturday night, especially round the town hall. It isn’t just busy, it is football crowd crush busy.The bit on Broad st isn’t too bad, as it’s out on a limb a bit.
    Some pubs all around there, take a walk round then sit and eat in one of the pubs/ many eateries around broad st/ gas st basin.


    I’d highly recommend the Digbeth Dining Club – amazing street food.
    I won’t do it justice if I try to describe it, so will leave you in the capable hands of Google.

    Premier Icon jamj1974

    +1 Digbeth Dining Club.

    Premier Icon benp1

    If I were in your shoes, I’d probably lob my Brompton in the boot and have a bit of an explore (and stop in places that look interesting/good for a bite to eat)


    Artist the Christmas market will only make you want to drink the beer you cant. For some reason we always end up at a gig in brum at this time of year (kasbian on the 4th this year)and i can honestly say its mostly about eating foot long hot dogs and drinking steins.
    It is rammed in the day around the busier drinking areas so God knows what it’s like at night.

    Liking the look of DDC – is it the sort of place you can just rock up to? Again, might be a good spot with the camera

    I certainly don’t own a Brompton and won’t be taking an mtb

    Christmas Market might be best avoided – as will any other really busy areas. I’ll need to park the pick-up somewhere too

    Premier Icon lunge

    DDC is a good shout, just stroll up and eat filth, it’s very relaxed and a cracking night out.


    DDC is verrrrry relaxed! It’s a wierd kind of bar/club/venue/outdoor street food mash-up.
    Shame you won’t be drinking though!

    5 and drive…. 😉


    The DDC looks ace, are there bars that sell nice beer as opposed to that hoppy rubbish everyone seems to like.

    Can anyone recommend somewhere safe to park near DDC – big pick up truck with lots of tools in the back and somewhere I won’t get mugged walking back to? Cheers

    Premier Icon darrell

    find another gig to go to and make them meet you outside afterwards

    Well, I’m at DDC being a bit of a Billy no mates, but it’s great – cheers for the recommendations. Killed a couple of hours, had a dirty chicken kebab, a couple of beers and done some people watching. Would definitely come back with some friends. Can’t wait to pick up the sweaty drunk teenagers…

    Premier Icon addy6402

    Glad you enjoyed it, DDC was a good call.

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