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  • Bird Aeris 145 shock
  • Premier Icon ajt123


    I just dropped the hammer on a Aeris 145 frame only.

    Chuffed to bits.

    After C2W it comes out as £340 including a headset.

    Bird are out of shocks, which is fine as I’ll be building up minimax slowly to save the £££s.

    What do people think is a good shock? I like a quite efficient feel. Bearing mount shocks worth it?

    Stock seems to be nothing at the moment.

    Worth going all bells and whistles, or is the kinematic good enough to get away with a Deluxe R?

    I’ve also asked on the Bird FB group, do covered that base.



    Premier Icon P-Jay

    I run a SuperDeluxe, seems to be good match for it.

    It’s worth having a good shock, maybe it’s just me but it seems fussy about set up.

    Bird are fairly unique in that they use bearings on both ends of the shock, it’s certainly very plush. They’re dead easy to change and dorm cost much.

    I love my 145, I wish I was brave enough to really let rip on it, some of the guys on the FB group are seriously good riders.


    i picked up a super deluxe with a light compression, medium rebound (iirc) from ebay, it was sold from whyte bikes taken off brand new bikes for whatever reason.
    grabbed a set of bushes for mine from

    I’m running a Super deluxe coil ultimate and it’s the Mutts Nutts…….you need to be a aggressive rider to get the best out of the coil shock to be truthful.I borrowed a mates air shock for a few days and after riding both shocks I’m glad I opted for the coil.

    Premier Icon rascott

    I just dropped the hammer on a Aeris 145 frame only.

    looking at these…what colour?

    Good idea using C2W

    Premier Icon joebristol

    I had one with a Deluxe rt3 and it was quite good but had a tendency to rush through the middle of the travel through compressions. I put a Megneg on it that shock and I thought it was much better.

    So I’d either grab a cheaper shock like that and add a Megneg, or try and get a shock with adjustable compression damping.

    I know someone who has the piggyback super Deluxe I think it is and he’s pretty happy with that – although I believe he’s also toying with the idea of going coil.

    Which scheme did you go through may I ask?

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