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  • The landowner here:

    Is very assertive in protecting what he perceives as his property rights.

    He made strenuous, physical objection to me either pushing or carrying my bike (even dismantled) along the footpath between the two sections of bridleway at the location. It may be only a matter of time before he hurts someone.

    In the meantime I am trying to find out if he was justified in his actions or whether there may be scope for some challenge.

    More here –

    Take care.


    Thanks for the info, quite often go over there but usually walk that bit. Will avoid from now on.

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    edited: it may have been a bit presumptuous & unfair

    @ teagirl – AFAIK you are doing nothing wrong by pushing your bike on a footpath. The landowner thinks different. Your call.

    @ Tiger6791 – No. Not Harvey.

    Out of interest is the landowner a farmer (and hence poss worried about livestock etc) or some moneyed newcomer living in a big house kind of thing?

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    A family friend used to own the farm at Heather Glen, they didn't keep livestock then, I suspect it's the case now too. Horses maybe, but no stock. If you're walking, you're fine (waits for SFB) 🙂


    If it is a public right of way footpath and you are walking with your bike on the designated footpath then you are a pedestrian.

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    Never even realised it wasn't a BW all the way through. That would explain those two annoying stiles!! If i'm on the right field its just a couple of horses normally.

    Looking at your map link I suspect the Bridleway only ever went as far as the ( now ) disused quarry and that the correct ( ? ) route for horses ( and as such cycles) should be on the permissive bridleway which starts approx 300 – 500 m further down Keighly Road, this also links up with the marked cycle routes. ( zoom in by 1 level for a more detailed map )

    As far as being allowed to push your cycle along a footpath, I understand that this is now up for debate after a recent court hearing , although in the past I think that the understanding was that it was not allowed as a cycle is not classed as a "natural " accompiament to perambulation ( labrat is the guy who would know the wording but he isn't around anymore )

    TBH… If the new landowner is such a PITA , then I'd be inclined to use the Permissive route anyway as it negates the need to walk and by using it you are ensuring the evidence of use is maintained,.

    For fun ( when in a devilish mood) I'd be tempted on occasion to just ride up and down the bridleway to the quarry, just to see how often the guy kept coming out to stop you …..

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    @grittshaker, good bit of advice there. Having scanned the other thread with all the details, I'd say this is something you should definitely make the police aware of. The legal/rights of way argument is actually relatively insignificant in comparison to the threat of violence or use of intimidation.

    It sounds like it's a matter of time before the landowner hurts someone, and the information you've got could prevent it happening in the first place. What if the next person he 'pushes' is a 14-year-old kid?

    I have updated the parent thread (here – with a response from the local RoW officer.

    Since the council support the landowner in making his interpretation of the law, I was trespassing and therefore the landowner was probably justified in pushing me in the chest; using reasonable force to encourage me to leave as I attempted to get past him carrying my bike.

    The point now is to try to persuade the council that their interpretation is incorrect.

    I won't be going up there with my bike (pushed, carried or otherwise) until this position is resolved. It's not worth the risk.


    I've found the Bradford councils cycling map…

    where the track is marked as light green (Bridleway). Probably a mistake and certainly no evidence of rights, but they can hardly be surprised if some people were to have thought it a RoW – especially seing as there's still an official bridleway sign at the Altar lane end.

    I like the way the map even includes a symbol for "path where you should walk your bike" unfortunately this isn't one of them ; )

    from here: old now (2000) and I think the newer version is completely different to this.

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