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  • Premier Icon mikewsmith

    Probably just like going to the local for the rest of us, meet up with some like minded people, sink some beers and talk about what we would do if we ruled the world.


    If I was a member of a shadowy and influential cabal, I don’t think Watford would be my first choice destination for planning world domination.

    Couldn’t they find any extinct volcanoes or caves guarded by voodoo priests and piranhas?

    Although much is made of its global characteristic, Bilderberg afaik, excludes anyone who doesn’t represent US or Western European interests, so an extremely narrow “global” representation then.

    What I find hilarious is that despite the fact that invitation is restricted to a mere 150 or less, Peter Mandelson has in the past grovelled sufficiently to wangle himself onto the list. Oh how he must have walked around with a semi at the sight and intoxicating smell of all that wealth and power.


    Good to see Alex Jones removing any credibility from the news clip 😀

    Complete loon.

    ITV news:


    Innocent frolics with golf and a sing song, or a shadowy cabal of evil?

    Premier Icon Bregante

    We took the daughter the other week. She’s 8 and enjoyed it because she got to spend her birthday money. Personally I think it’s over priced but she did get to choose her own accessories and how “firm” she wanted it stuffing. She even got to choose what noise it makes when she cuddles it. We had to take it back a few days later too because the stitching started to come undone on the back.

    Edit: sorry, that was Build A Bear……..


    I don’t think it’s a shadow government. But it’s probably a safe bet that some of the things that get discussed there get some sort of expression in policy in some form or other a bit further down the line. Relatively limited stuff like the trading environment for big firms rather than which Middle Eastern nation is going to be invaded next.

    My thoughts?

    Who are these deified beings who walk among us? And why should we lowly folk have to be excluded from the hallowed ground that They tread, show a photo ID to get near the perimeter, and pay for Their security?


    Like my Dad says, it’s not MI5 or MI6 we should worry about, it’s MI7

    Bilderberg are doing a pretty poor show of being secretive! If you want to do naughty stuff, you don’t meet in a posh hotel in Watford and let the story out in the media do you…

    Or They now feel confident and empowered enough to come out. Behold your new rulers! Feel our power!


    Its just the Davos World Economic Forum without the wannabes, but in Watford 😯

    Behold your new rulers! Feel our power!

    To be fair I don’t feel their power. Not when the guests include Ed Miliband’s sidekick Ed Balls but doesn’t include the President of the United States.


    It seems to be a fancy talking shop for those close to the big decision makers, to be able to talk about the decisions they’d make, if they were in a position to make those decisions.
    (See: Ed Balls, Peter Mandelson).

    Premier Icon teethgrinder

    I welcome our fruit-based cider overlords, though I’m not too sure on their predisposition to ice in the pint glass demi-litre chalice.

    Premier Icon nickc

    at the sight and intoxicating smell of all that wealth and power.

    illusionary at best.

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