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  • summerzest

    Hi all,

    I’ve got a summer holiday company in Plan Peisey doing family friendly summer holidays – bit of a one man band really.

    Normally we do a bit of all the sunmmer activities round here, but recently we’ve had loads of mountain biking requests, so trying to add a bit more info about it to the site.

    I love mountain biking and go out pretty often. But because I live over here I’ve never been on a mountain biking holiday, so not really sure what info would be useful? Basically looking for a bit of advice really.

    In particular, it’d be helpful to know:

    – do you think it’s worth having the road biking info or should i just stick to mountain biking?
    – what practical info do you think that i need to add?
    – do you think i should have info about the bike store etc? or is it taken as read that this would exist?
    – should i add info about the trails to the site? Or just link to the tourist office etc?
    – is there anything major that you can see missing that’d be useful?
    -does the image of the site = family friendly?

    I’d appreciate any feedback. Thanks a million!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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