Biking in the pyrennes

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  • Biking in the pyrennes
  • Heading to a place about an hour south of Pau soon and just wondering if anyone can recommend some lift assisted riding in the area?



    Pic de Jer in Lourdes or Artois are both about 45 mins south of Pau

    both dh orientated with up-lift 😀

    Just go steady pic de Jer has an evil black run


    Whereabouts are you going? Jaca, Formigal? There’s the DH track at Pau, it’s meant to be fully mental though and several of the guys from here that are v. good DH’ers tell me not to bother. Formigal isn’t very inspiring with the lift assisted, Panticosa the same but you can access some natural stuff there that’s good. Stunning location and you could just follow your nose and maybe not find the good stuff but have fun.

    The best riding in that area though is Enduro style. Van uplift and then uppy downy on some fantastic singletrack. Guess it’s OK to show some pics to whet your appetite!

    Big epic that almost killed me!

    Crazy margas and stuff like that!

    Story behind that photo!


    I’ll be staying near Arudy so paticosa is not to far away. Any recommendations for getting van assisted uplift when we’re there?

    All advice about the surrounding area appreciated.




    Do you know of anywhere you can rent bikes in the area? like south of pau,


    Hey Guys. Here’s what I know. There will be locals doing shuttles in areas round there but to be honest I think you will struggle to get hooked up there… in my experience it takes some time to get in with the scene! In Formigal there are guys hiring bikes and they might be able to help you out with it or at the very least point you in the right direction. The ski area also rents decent bikes but whether you’re allowed to take them out of the area I don’t know.

    The French side I don’t know. I’ve seens some tasty singletrack but it’s all got the French’s favourite word stamped on it… INTERDIT! Formigal / Panticosa isn’t the best place to bike, it’s very steep and rocky. Hikey bikey with the emphasis on hikey! (And I’m not adverse to steep tech). It’s beautiful for a bit of bike mountaneering though.

    Those places I posted are a bit further south. If I wasn’t committed in the Basque Country I could offer guiding there but I’m pretty much commited here until October.

    Some recommendations for you. The Baños de Panticosa are amazing. The Spa there is mind blowing. 2000m, outside in a bubbling pool with all the really big mountains around you. Panticosa is cool. Sallent de Gallego is great. Ainsa is a mountain biking mecca if you fancy a couple of hour drive.

    You’re also not far from Luchon. Or indeed the Basque Country 😉


    Luchon +1 Superbagneres

    Premier Icon Northwind

    There’s fantastic riding around Luchon but I reckon you’d need guiding to find the best of it- some of it is VTT or marked but not all (the descent we did from Superbagneres was almost entirely brilliant but was almost all off-piste local stuff- I don’t think we used any of the official Superbagneres trails, and we saw a lot of people just trundling down endless fireroads). Might be worth seeing if you can hook up with A Quick Release, it’s their playground.

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