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  • Biking holiday insurance – recommendations ?
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    I’m with Dogtag! They seem to cover most activities, but they do have some exceptions! Their info tells you which level of coverage you need for various sports.


    Sorry if this has been done. I searched but couldn’t find any other relevant threads.

    Which insurance for my alpine adventures ?

    Never really bothered before but thought I’d better take it a bit more seriously since I keep hearing about various biking misadventures recently and I’m going to be doing more Alpine training (not full DH stuff) in for a bash at Trans Provence next year (not the race).

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    SNOWCARD has a good reputation for activity insurance.

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    Snow card. Speak to them before buying though and describe the riding you will be doing. They may well recommend a much lower priced description.

    A few years ago I’d have gone for the DH option but after a call to them the said my description fits tracks and trails (or whatever) and it was loads cheaper than the one I’d have gone for.

    OK, I didn’t feel as Gnarrrr, but it saved me a few quid.

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    Austrain mountaineering club membership covers you for mountain rescue and repatriation costs, 43 quid for a years cover.


    Medical cover on the e11.


    +1 Snowcard… All our group had snowcard cover this year in the Alps. My mate fell off and dislocated his shoulder needed Heli rescue and a couple of x-rays etc and they covered it no issues.

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    Dogtag last few times, Snowcard before that.

    Just be sure to not only consider insurance from an injury standpoint.

    I got my slr camera stolen and some biking kit and clothing from a hotel room recently.
    My Dogtag insurance only covered me for £100 of valuables. Luckily I also had general travel insurance through my bank account. I ended up claiming for different items between the two policies.

    The Dogtag policy paid out £100 minus excess and so I got about £35… The other policy paid out £500.
    My total loss was more like £750
    Could have been worse, but anyway, don’t just consider injury insurance is my advice.


    +1 Snowcard

    I’ve heard snowcard are very good. Also dogtag. Whoever you go with READ THE SMALL PRINT THOUGH.

    Foolishly I thought I’d be covered for all eventualities using my bank travel insurance with additional hazardous activities. I fractured my wrist on first day of a two week Alps riding holiday, ending my holiday basically, yet the insurance firm did not accept that this injury was medically necessary to curtail my holiday.

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    And consider the excess for injury too.

    I ended up empty handed after getting my arm broken in the Mega, and Dogtag were unfriendly on the phone and subcontracted my claim to a very slow handling company so I had to wait ages too.


    E111 first and foremost as this will cover most if not all medical work


    Thankyou gents. Most helpful.

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