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    Somewhere between Van Halen/Coolhandluke/swadey’s experiences. Definitely get urged to go out otherwise I’m seen as a bear with a sore head and “get underfoot”!

    Plus I’ve built her a seriously pink bike 😉

    And on the (rare) occasion when she has to do something which conflicts with biking I really can’t complain. “There are no solutions, only trade-offs.”


    My dude bikes more than me and Im more than happy to let him go off, it lets me doing my own thing! It is nice also to have the motivation from him to go out, although I haven’t yet convinced him to fix my bike yet!


    I’m allowed to cycle as much as I want so long as the kids are in bed 🙁

    Hence I am very bored of my rollers by now & very much looking forward to the summer again….

    I wasn’t cycling when we met or before we had kids but I was rallying cars. Now that takes up huge amounts of time & horrible amounts of cash but she still doesn’t see the comparative benefits…


    I’ve never had the opportunity to get involved with someone long term where MTB’ing is involved but if I ever did, I think doing your own thing is important but it would be nice to spend some time together, whether it’s out as a couple or as part of a group. 🙂

    I met Mr M-C at SiTS 24 hour race .. that was 6 years ago! We haven’t had a non MTBing holiday since, DHing in Morzine every year, winter holiday snowboarding! off to Morocco on Atlas Mountains trip in April. Couldn’t imagine going out with a bloke that wasn’t active, only differences we do have is that Mr MC HATES walking .. he always says “what’s the point you can ride there quicker” .. but hey that’s my girlie weekends away. I sometimes wonder though if he misses out on boys weekends MTBing? But then since we both do shifts he still gets those if I have weekend on! So works out all round.

    Never understood going out with someone and preventing them from doing something they love. I know how grumpy and irritable I’d get if I couldn’t ride!!!

    I’m in a similar boat to markenduro…gf has a horse which takes up 90 minutes each morning and the same in the evening after work, plus two or three rides per weekend.

    When we met I’d started losing interest in bikes as I was learning to drive and none of my mates rode properly. She got me back in to it, we bought her a better bike and things went from there. In 8 years we’ve not had one holiday that isn’t arranged around cycling. Since the horse made an appearance 6 months ago she rides the bike less, but I’m now sporting a new helmet hat, breeches and chaps and am getting dragged out every other weekend to learn to ride.

    So now she has her sport, I have mine, but we can both overlap 🙂 Though she is very competent on the bike but I’m a novice on the horse.

Viewing 6 posts - 46 through 51 (of 51 total)

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