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  • discoduck

    Jeezus !

    I’m shitting myself now !!!!!

    It sounds like you have nothing to loose if you do get injured so if I were you I’d ride harder !


    Been out for 6 weeks now due to a broken collarbone, fractured in 2 places.

    I’ve literally been rocking backwards and forwards waiting until I can get out and ride.

    Been struggling with money, went back to work too early so had to go back to the doctors for a sick note which made the situation even worse due to missing 2 weeks sick pay.

    The first couple of week I slept about 3 hours a night and my sleeping pattern is still a mess which makes me even grumpier.

    Grumpy and miserable is an understatement and even worse because not long before the accident I went on holiday with the other half, even though I didn’t really want to go, and the money that paid for the holiday was going to be used for a new frame and fork which I’d be able to of built up over a few days and something to look forward to. Blahhhh.


    I’m not looking for an answer to this, just thinking out loud.

    I’ve been wondering about what I’d do if an accident put me out of action for a while. I’m not normally the type to think about such things and would usually say to anyone who does that life is too short. At the moment a mate is down with a broken hip, someone else I was riding with today broke his front teeth and split his lip/chin…this is making me think about things a bit more! (I know plenty of folk who have had accidents in the past too, including myself).

    I’m not even concerned about any financial implications it could cause, just how it would affect my daily life and how I wouldn’t be able to catch up on what I’m currently doing.

    I’m not about to start wearing a full-face/full-on body armour, the chances of me thinking I need to take it easier whilst riding are slim to non, and I’m not going to stop riding what could be viewed as dangerous. What’s a bloke to do? I’m not willing to change but have these new, off-putting thoughts…****! My only consolation is that I won’t be thinking of such things whilst enjoying myself on my bike. 😕

    Wishing speedy recoveries to those who are injured at present too.


    Discoduck – “so if I were you I’d ride harder!”…if I rode any harder my balls would be so big I wouldn’t be able to sit on my saddle comfortably! 😀 Ha, seriously though, I’m currently a (mature) student and my course has practical elements to it…if I miss any of those I’d fail the course basically, meaning I’d have to start again the following September (something I definitely wouldn’t want to do!).

    Dandax1990 – I know what it’s like when you can’t get out and do the things you’re used too (knackered my ankle a couple of years ago). I hope you get everything sorted out soon! I see you’ve been looking at getting into bikepacking too, do some research and get some trips planned while you have the time. You could do some one-nighters from your house (depending on where you live I guess) and with a bit of luck you might get a few in before the weather gets too cold.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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