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  • bikes you’ve heard of but never see…or… Polygon /Marin one of the same?
  • Premier Icon alpin

    was watching the EWS round up thing the other night and it go me thinking.

    i’ve never seen a Polygon in the flesh, and after seeing it on the screen i’m not sure i want to. looks wrong……

    looks a lot like the fugly Marin that came out recently (i saw one of those last week in Finale and it is indeed fugly looking)

    basically the same bike other than the position of the shock mount to the main frame….

    what other brands are out there that you her of but never see on the trails?


    they both worked with the same suspension designer hence the similar design, saw a few about in Oz, never saw a Marin out there or an Orange!!


    http://Polygon own Marin, hence the similar looks, and both bikes were designed with Daryl Voss of Naild Design. Definitely an acquired taste aesthetically, but depending on performance (I’ve not tried one), that might be something worth living with!

    Premier Icon richmtb

    Looks like an e-bike they forgot to fit the motor and battery to!


    Polygon own Marin?


    Saw one at Cyclehighlands demo weekend in Ballater . Looks better in the flesh than in photos.

    Premier Icon jam bo

    Every time I pick up enduro mag in an airport there are loads of German brands I’ve never heard of.

    Thw only the I’ve seen polygons in the flesh, is attached to sponsored riders. This could have something to do with them not having a UK distributer.

    The Polygon is actually worse looking than the Marin, which I never thought was possible….


    They do have a UK distributor and I know of a least one shop in the Lakes which has them in stock.

    Personally I really like the look of them, they remind me of that Judge Dredd Land Rover from a few years ago.

    Premier Icon feed

    I really like the look of them, was really tempted to order one last year when they were on pre order. Price was just more than I could justify, plus the old lesson of not signing up for V1 of a new design. I’ve also never actually seen one in the flesh.

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