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  • Bikes you really wanted but never owned.
  • aa

    potentially, there’s so many, but…

    Ritchey P21
    whiskeytown racer, tho’ they’re being built again
    Bontrager ti lite


    in 1997 I wanted GT Zaskar – got the frame in 2001
    in 2001 Santa Cruz Heckler – got the frame last year


    Any BMX. Got a racer instead. Turned the handlebars up on end to look a bit more cool but it wasn’t the same.

    Premier Icon tuskaloosa

    Knolly Delirium

    Premier Icon YoKaiser

    Funnily enough in the last month I’ve picked up this

    and this

    Which has sated my 90’s roadbike dreams 😀

    Mountain bike wise it was a Cannondale SV and a Merlin, I’ve had more than one chance to get both but haven’t quite got round to them yet. I do have a couple of FATs including a Yo and a Klein and a Ritchey and an original Ibis as well as a load of others so don’t feel too bad for me 🙂


    @boxbuster – that 853 Raleigh DH bike is on my list too. Apparently flexy as a flexy thing, but the hand-painted flames job and steel tubes looked great.

    Speaking of flexy things, this was another big want

    Very early on it would have been one of these

    More recently – the IndyFab Tngsten Electrode

    Seems I had a thing for DH bikes with shonky loking single swingarms…

    And of course, an Intense M1 – especially in the Dirt/Kawasaki team green

    Premier Icon lunge

    A Ritchey soft tail, with full XT and Judy SL’s.
    A GT LTS.
    An Orange P7 which I have now got.
    A Mountaun Cycle San Andeas.
    A Brian Rourke road bike.

    Fat Chance Yo Eddy in aqua fade… I still check
    eBay & Retrobike regularly. 19″ if anyone has
    one going……


    Spooky bandwagon

    Zaskar either LE or normal

    Yeti DH8, I have a DH9 to sort at some point but it’s dull compared to the DH8 with the pull shock.

    One of those stunningly beautiful steel Colnago’s with the funky tubes as pictured above.

    Mercian roadbike in a dark red with Campag Chorus that I could have had for a pittance as a trade-in but turned down as I had too many bikes (six) at the time.


    Just two itches to scratch now… Ritchey Commando and a Mountain Goat Deluxe. Always massive gates when they come up for sale though. Never owned an Off Road Toad either, so add one of those to the list.

    Btw, there’s an aquafade Yo Eddy about three feet to my left. And no, it ain’t for sale.


    Fat Chance Team Comp, read a test against a Pace and it sounded a more fun bike. Many years later, and with a different viewpoint, I ended up with an F4 Pace-every bit as good as the review said it was. Never got the Fat Chance, but had an F7 in red, and an F8 in silver which is now sat in the workshop with a small split in the upper headtube, one day i’ll get it to the nice man with the tig welder, possibly.


    Klein Adroit with the mission control bar/stem and press fit BB.


Viewing 12 posts - 81 through 92 (of 92 total)

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