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  • Giant NRS. I rode one of the team bikes way back when, can’t remember the riders name, though. Just felt right to me, coming from a rigid riding background, as the frame responded exactly as I wanted a frame to respond.

    Premier Icon Mr Agreeable

    I like my Cove Stiffee a lot. As soon as it got some proper length forks on it, it just felt ace.

    Oh and this is never going to be as popular as the “hate” thread, you know. πŸ˜‰

    Premier Icon Teetosugars

    My SC Heckler… with Fox 36s..

    It just feels “right”.

    Just wish I could do it Justice. 😳

    Premier Icon BigDummy

    Kona A’ha. I vividly remember walking into the second-hand shop in Bristol (the name of which I’ve forgotten – at the top of the steps near the BRI) and seeing the thing standing in a ray of sunlight with dust motes floating in it, literalling glowing. It wasn’t even a case of deciding that I had to have it, I knew I had to. I panic-sold everything I could lay my hands on to raise the Β£270 or whateveritwas, and bought it within a week. Of course, it was a pretty ghastly thing to ride, and a silly bike all round, so it got sold when I ran out of money 12 months later. I regretted that enormously, and as soon as I felt flush again I statrted looking out for one on ebay. When I found one I paid over the odds for it, and got scammed out of about Β£200 on shipping costs, but it was worth it.


    Premier Icon mangoridebike

    Dialled PA for me as well, and then more so when I upgraded to the Morning Glory.

    Not wanting to sound like a total DB fanboy I also felt perfectly at home on my Love/Hate too.

    I guess Mike@DialledBikes makes bikes that are just right for me πŸ™‚


    my Blur 4X – immediately gave me the confidence to bomb straight off things – woo!

    Premier Icon Mike-E

    Konas Kilauea; On-One 456; Orange Patriot (although now thinking of getting something a bit nimbler).


    My S/light and Sanderson felt right from the first ride. Now the S/light feels wrong, but I’ve not worked out why πŸ™ I still just love riding the Sanderson πŸ™‚


    My Spesh enduro expert ’03, oh yeah baby! Still my main ride, not the fastest bike in the world, but rides well, climbs reasonably if you’re smooth and downhill great fun. Love it to bits!
    Cant see anything similar i’d rather have even now.

    Premier Icon Normal Man

    From way back – white Muddy Fox Courier (mid-80s), ’89 Marin Bear Valley (black with gold graphics), Fisher’s from the 80’s and early 90’s.

    Modern stuff – loads but I have got to say my entry level Commie, haven’t I?!


    My Orange Five, was demoing at CwmCarn and used the uplift but to ride the XC back down from the freeride park. Rode the freeride park the first time and already decided it was going to be mine. Spent the rest of the day agonising over colour and trying not to crash from over exuberance. Ironically, once mine was delivered I did in fact crash it, quite badly, on the first ride, at cwmcarn, all down to over exuberance… typical!

    Before that, I had one of the higher end Schwinn Gold label Moab’s before it all went to sh*t for them. That was realy fast and leggy from the off!


    oh forgot to mention my 1999 kona munimula. My route back into biking after a 7 year period in the wilderness.

    The last bike I’d ridden was a ’91 Orange Clockwork with narrow bars, manitou 2s and basically setup to be as light and noodly as possible. The kona was a total revelation and felt like it would jump over buildings in comparison.

    Premier Icon Woody

    Still waiting πŸ™

    Nearest would be my ancient Coyote Ultralight which I always come back to and is currently being stripped back top bare metal to be re-incarnated as a light street s/s
    Still makes me smile πŸ™‚


    Turner Burner.
    Rides, well like a Turner.


    SC Chameleon. Instant hooligan.


    My Mythic Rune felt great from the word go, and has just got better and better, even though i haven’t, lol.

    Oh, and my Trek 1000 roadie felt great from the start, mainly because the shop took my measurements and set it up for me.


    Cove Stiffee, Handjob, Hustler and Shocker. Each one was supurb for the moment I threw a leg over them.

    I ‘fell’ for the Shocker most. Just awesome, rode so ‘lightly’.


    Popped the cherry of my Genesis Alpitude last night and it was perfect. I was in it, not on it if you get me.

    Premier Icon steveh

    My new marin quad 140 attack trail for me, the geometry is about as close to my sunday as I can get on an xc bike and it feels fantastic.

    My dialled PA is kind of another, I fell for it madly in it’s second incarnation with some 36’s on the front, wasn’t that into until then.

    Premier Icon UK-FLATLANDER

    Turner 5 Spot – found one s/h for a mate, built it up for him, then just had to get one myself – still brings a smile 5 years on πŸ˜‰


    My old Trek Hardtail and my Bianchi 928.

    Premier Icon jam bo

    commencal supreme DH.

    borrowed a mates for a weekend and bought one the following week.

    fatmuthahubbard’s PA which he rode twice and then sold as he ‘didn’t get on with it.’ that was fun on a stick!

    -kinesis maxlight xc pro (i notice someone else hated it on the other thread)
    -456 summer season
    -rivette h4
    -my scott genius but only when i put pikes at 140mm on it; much more fun as a play bike than a marathon/race one

    the best funnest bike ever was a foes xct5 from a bike demo day about 3 years ago. I have honestly never equalled (err, on a bike that is) the fun i had ragging that round a bone-dry newnham park. Wish i could afford one.

    oh CFH, I am reviving (ie bearings/shock) an 01/02 vintage NRS team (with the daft sponsors list on the top tube and everything) i bought the other day. I was going to go 100mm up front. Any tips?


    In contrast to the other thread.

    For me, my Dialled PA and Iron Horse 6 point, 1 ride and they felt perfect.

    Original mid-Nineties GT Zaskar in either ball burnished or frost blue ano.

    My 2006 ano silver Turner Flux. It looks fast and rides even faster. I tried to sell it and am so glad that no one bought it now!


    pompino – ace, was such a step up from the Β£30 fixed conversion raleigh i had previously.

    my inbred. especially once i realised it was more fun with the forks wound out to 130mm πŸ™‚


    Ditto heckler and 36s

    Premier Icon firestarter

    5 spot and 456 both different sizes but and both feel great πŸ˜‰

    Premier Icon yoshimi

    Loweys Turner 5 spot, even tho it was a large and I’d need a small it just felt as if I could do anything on it…………..can’t see me affording one anytime soon tho

    Ragley Ti – I sat on it and rode iot for about 100yds – instantly fely a perfect fit

    Premier Icon DezB

    Cove Handjob -instantly realised what steel was all about when done right
    Yeti 575 -just had to have one
    Rivette (can’t remember the model) – great geometry, georgeous detailing and super light
    Cannondale Taurine -doesn’t carbon climb well!
    Scott Ransom -like a big comfy sofa
    RM Instinct -first full sus, fab bike
    Iron Horse MKIII -just made me want to plough through stuff. Good climber too

    2003 specialized sx felt good from the off. Pretty short, nice low bb and quite slack.

    Premier Icon Harry_the_Spider

    My old war horse.

    Can’t fault it. Can’t kill it.

    Premier Icon Rusty Spanner

    My first, my last, my everything:

    Raleigh Lion trike, like this one
    Mine was red with sky blue mudguards πŸ˜€


    Whenever I’ve bought a whole new bike, I’ve test ridden a few, and bought the one I liked the most. My Cannondale F600 CAAD4 felt so much better than the Trek, Kona, Spesh etc that I’d also tried. But the most surprising bike I’ve ever had is my Rock Lobster 853. Built up with mid-range bits, but after just one or two rides, I knew I’d fallen in love. The ‘Dale is a faster and more efficient cross-country machine, but the Lobster is more fun on bobbly bits. I’m also a little more confident jumping it off stuff, as if I do bend it, it can be fixed. The ‘Dale is like a fast sports car, but the RL is more of a cruiser. Both are great.

    My Planet-X Compo!

    Still miss it. What happened to the ti Compo? I still want it…


    kona explosif- 1989 a true revelation

    stumpjumper- 1990 ish felt nice

    orange clockwork- not bad at all

    cotic soul – best so far

    many horrid alu hardtails. my mag burner was a good friend!


    Merlin xlm – fast, direct, feels like cheating.. On-One Inbred SS – it is is just so… sometimes makes me wonder why I have any others or if I should get an Indy Fab version as my only bike, but part of the fun is I just don’t worry about it. My Cotic Soul – oh so good, just ‘between’ them at the mo. Borrowed a Blur 4x so good I thought everyone should have one.


    Has to be the new SC Superlight πŸ˜‰

    Premier Icon chakaping

    My 1997 Team Marin: Lighter, faster and more comfortable than anything I’d ever ridden before. It felt like a quantum leap from my ’92 Kili Flyer, and the awesome stopping power of M600 V-brakes was a revelation.

    My 2007 Anthem: Another revelation, a killer combination of speed, stiffness, great suspension, more speed, fun, light weight and a bit more speed.

    My other bikes have generally taken a bit of tweaking or adapting of my riding style to get right.

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