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  • Hello all

    I’m sorry, annoyed and angry to say that i had my garage broken into overnight and have lost a couple of bikes.

    Missing is . . .
    Yeti ARC X Cyclo cross bike, 2009 Rocky Mountain Vertex Womens bike and a early 2000’s Rocky Mountain Element Team Scandium FRAME.

    The Yeti is built totally uniquely with a set of RMB carbon forks, Race Face Diablous seat post, Race Face Cadence bars, stem and cranks and a 105 grupo.

    The Vertex is a tiny tiny 13.5″. Its light green with a darker green pattern over the top. White Fox Forks, Race Fcae Evolve bars, stem, seat post and cranks and an XT groupo.

    The Element frame is a totally one off. Its one that the team used back in the 2005 (or there abouts) but was never actually bought into the UK. As such its very rare.
    Its classic RMB colours, white with a maple leaf fade into red.

    They were all stolen from garage in Plympton.

    If anyone has any info or spots anything suss please, plesae do let me know. I’m insured and all that stuff but the ARC isn’t made anymore and the Element was a true one of a kind so I’m really gutted.

    Thanks everyone.

    Richie –


    Sh it thats awful bud, and too close to home for me (also Plympton).

    Will keep my eyes peeled, and post this thread to a few rider friends.

    Premier Icon Mr Agreeable

    Any pics of the ARC X? I know a few people who are after one, they might spot yours if it turns up.

    Thanks Carl. Its a real blow – I lived in the centre of Plym for ten years and always expected issues but never had any. Moved out here 5 months ago and this happens!

    It was obviously a targeted attack, they walked past various other high value items and only took the bikes, as such you might want to be extra vigilant for a while.

    Thanks for keeping your eyes peeled.


    Hey all the Vertex looks like this:

    And the most up to date photo of the ARC X:

    Thanks XC Steve – much appreciated

    A bit of a bump for the lunchtime crew. . . .


    Gutted for you, a nice set of bikes that. Will keep an eye out here in north devon, but if as you say it was a targetted robbing I guess the little schytes won’t be selling stuff on their backdoorstep.

    Thanks Rexated – keeping an eye out for them would be appreciated.




    PL7 based here too.
    Really feel for you, will keep my eyes peeled.


    I work in a bike shop in Cornwall,will keep my eyes open for you mate

    Hello All.

    Having now for chance to get in the garage and have a proper clear up I’ve realised that I’ve lost a further frame unfortunately.
    Also missing is a 2010 Mondraker Dune R. It was silver with dark green (almost black) decals. At the time of the theft it had no shock fitted.

    Thanks everyone.

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)

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