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    So going on summer holidays with the bikes on the roof for the first time (Off to Center Parcs in Holland) and want to add some more security to them on the rack itself. I’ve got the Thule holder locks and roof bar locks but as we all know there like swiss cheese.  Bikes will be my  decent HT wifes 26″ MTB and daughters bikes (5 yr old). Was thinking of long cable/flex (10mm 1.5 from garage) with a good padlock or even D lock which could then be used whilst on holiday if we go for rides or just bobbing around center parcs. D lock would prob go around bike frame to rack maybe. Bikes will be on roof for ferry, driving to parc and maybe for day trip.

    What are peoples thoughts  ?

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    I would not trust a cable lock unless I was within sight of the car at all times.

    My method is a 4 metre long Pragmasis chain through the bikes, wheels and rack. Then another 2m chain linked to that and then locked around the rear axle of the van. Can’t recall if they’re the 16mm chains or the 19mm…. I think the former.

    But that’s a rear rack. For a roof rack you’d probably need another 3m of length and unless it was a heavy car it’d probably topple over with the weight  ?

    And cost the best part of £600?

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    I’d be happy with a cable lock on the ferry TBH. They’re already in a fairly secure area, because people aren’t able to access the car deck whilst the ferry is sailing.

    Centre Parcs are a closed environment AFAIK so little to no security needed there. Elsewhere in Holland as long as they’re not out of sight for long periods of time a cable lock will put off casual thieves.

    If I’m ever leaving mine on the roof of my car in an open area unattended for more than any length of time I use a heavy duty chain through the frame to attach to the roof rails.

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    I don’t tend to leave the car unattended whilst travelling to the destination. I get ear ache as apparently we are all on holiday, but I wait until they return to the car and then I nip in to toilet and grab a takeaway meal (of some overpriced crap). I’m not paranoid but I’m also not wanting to make.it easy for opportunists.
    Once at destination, bikes go inside the building.
    Ferry should be quite safe…once vehicles are on, you leave the car bit and you can’t get back until you dock.

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    We use rack handle lock and a cable and ULock. We tend not to leave out of sight like that, and put bikes in the van if needed, with blanket over them.
    If they’re prepared to cut that and the rack, then that’s what insurance is for.

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    Yeah, I tend to just throw a few cable/chains/U-locks on if I have to leave the car for a bit. I take photos to show the insurance co what I did. I stick a couple of different ones on there just to slow them down a bit. Mine are always on tow bar racks though so easier to sling locks round them and through a towing eye or something. Ferry I don’t think I’ve ever put extra locks on them, you’ve got to be seriously unlucky to have them nicked from an uaccesible car deck….

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    Centre Parcs are a closed environment AFAIK so little to no security needed there.

    Only in so far as there is a fence demarcating the boundary, you and others can get in and out easily enough. I’d not be leaving nice bikes any less locked up than any other public space.

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    I use two Kryptonite braided cables round the tow bar, through the rack and then onto a Kryptonite New York lock. It’s a small lock but will fit around a top tube so is extremely difficult to remove. The plastic coated cables will not damage your car roof but might play some tunes if left on whilst travelling!!

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    Why would you lock the bike to the rack? The shite wafer locks they are supplied with could be jiggled or drilled in as much time as it takes to use a key. Roof rails, sure but only the high profile ones. Personally I wouldn’t bother, just don’t leave them open to temptation. For Netherlands I’d just take a pub bike, everyone is cutting about on town bikes here (currently at EuroParcs Beekbergen), anything else would be a waste*.

    *nearest bus stop is Hoge Bergweg (lit. High Mountain Way), the driver explained that, of course, there are no mountains but anywhere they find a rock that’s what they call it. Checks out.

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    If I’m ever leaving mine on the roof of my car in an open area unattended for more than any length of time I use a heavy duty chain through the frame to attach to the roof rails.

    I’ve briefly done this with a Pragmasis 13mm chain to the cross bars of the rack. Heavy beast, needs care not to damage bikes, dent roof, or smash windows. Just because what I had, no need for it really as the chain won’t be the weakest point.

    Could also park next to a tall lamp post or pole and chain to that. But the chain will be bloody heavy.

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    You’ve got to wonder if there is a market for a ground anchor that suctions onto the car roof.  If a seasucker can stop a bike falling off the roof and a Grabo can lift everything from pavers to checkerplate to plywood, (we are trialling them to create a ladder restraint point at work) then it just needs to be made tamper proof to be used as a lock anchor.

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