Bikes inside a post-1998 Grand Cherokee?

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  • Bikes inside a post-1998 Grand Cherokee?
  • Deveron53

    Questions from a potential new owner of a WJ series

    Anyone carry 2 mtbs inside? How much needs to be removed from bikes to get 2 side by side with 2/3rds of rear seats folded down?

    Can the 2/3rds split seats be removed to make a 3 seater? (sometimes the centre hinge makes things difficult)

    Can you camp inside if all back seats removed completely? (I’m 6ft 3ins)

    Diesel or Petrol with LPG conversion? (already fitted)


    dont have one but general observation is that the floor is very high as per most 4x4s – thus ill be surprised if you can do as you propose witout taking both wheels off.


    i have a grand cherokee 2001 and i dont think its the most user friendly for bikes
    you have to take the head rests off to get the rear seats to fold flat
    and then take the load cover off
    the seats are slightly raised and its difficult to get the bike in flat without bending forward, (watch your back) or keep shuffling between the rear and the back doors. its not a big issue its just not a no faff procedure
    i dont have to take any wheels off the bike to put mine in


    but you lie it down sideways or can you have it standing lester ?


    not tried the side by side carrying of bikes but I have fitted 3 bikes (including 1 DH bike) riding kit and 3 people in one without a problem.
    The last of the 2004 models Grand Cherokee limited had a split rear seat in a 2/3 – 1/3 format which folded down quite well however the head rests did protrude into the flattened load space.

    I never tried to remove the rear seats however if you did manage it you would lose the flat platform that you get when you put the seats down. It is a bench seat picks up and goes forward, rear backrests fold flat affair save for the previously mentioned head rests.

    I have no idea if you could camp inside it with the seats down, probably but you would have to curl your legs up – not the biggest fan of camping so I never looked at the possibility.

    Diesel 2.7 CRD 5 cylinder engine was a little rough and not the most economical of things, driving down to France with a full load (2 people, 4 bikes, 2 weeks riding and normal cloths, full set of tools, a workstand and spares) sitting with the cruise control on 75 I got about 31 mpg according to the onboard computer.

    When there is nothing in it the car really doesn’t ride that well, it kinda oscillates down the road.
    The last 1/4 of the fuel tank seems to have less capacity than a thimble, blink and you will wonder where all the fuel went.


    i lay mine down
    crank side up
    i think you can take the front wheel off and then have the bike upright
    i still think its a pain, or am i just lazy

    looking for a van at the moment 😉

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