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  • sam42

    i work in a supermarket and wheel my bike through to the back where i keep it all the time. Managers tried to ask me to lock it outside but have always been understanding when i explain to them how much it's worth etc.
    If i was shopping though i wouldn't expect to be allowed to walk round the store with my bike, purely because if you let all the stwers in with their 5 grand uber-bikes then you've got to let the little scroats in with their bmx's with one red tyre,
    Saying that it was fun riding my bike through the store one night after work.

    He'd obviously arrived on the wrong make of bike.

    I did wonder if there was an element of that.

    The silly thing is that he was wanting to spend his birthday money on some bike bling in there but ended up walking back out and buying on the interweb.

    Premier Icon BigDummy

    I take the Big Dummy to supermarkets. It's always got a lock on it, so this problem doesn't arise. But I think people would be very, very disquieted if I tried to bring it in with me. 🙂


    I've wheeled my bike round a few stores but I always ask first if it's ok. I don't really see any different in wheeling in a pushchair or pram. I don't think I've ever been refused either, although it's not something I do that regularly.

    I cannot believe some peoples reaction. Most people I know keep their bikes in their houses. Do these people who are getting so worked up take their shoes off to go into shops.

Viewing 4 posts - 41 through 44 (of 44 total)

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