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  • Premier Icon johnnystorm

    Head torch.

    Premier Icon scotroutes

    Here’s what I was taking for a night or two this winter.

    A bit of additional clothing and maybe a couple of extra spares and/or tools shared between you?

    It’s up to 69 pages now so you’ll need a fresh mug of tea but here is everything you want to know!

    Premier Icon HansRey

    ahhh this is great. We’re sorted on the bike spares/prep side of things. It’s just those little extras, knowing what others take on their trips can be very helpful indeed!

    it’s good to see all the little extras, such as chargers, flasks, etc.

    Premier Icon HansRey


    besides the lightweight tent (sorted), cooking stove and pan (sorted) and sleeping bag, what else should i be taking for a 2week bike tour of the baltics?

    -sharp knife?

    We’ll be stopping off at the occaisional hostel for comfy beds and cheap beer. 😀


    Also think about the other side of the coin.

    Not what you need, but what you can leave behind. Its very easy to end up taking the kitchen sink, but remember the more stuff you take the heavier your bike will be and the less fun you’ll have.

    Depends on your personal comfort/weight ratio

    I’d say you need something to;
    sleep in
    sleep on
    sleep under
    help you find where you need to go
    help you remember the trip once your old
    keep you fed and watered

    Plenty of Geeks with kit lists over here


    This is me, bikepacking but staying at Alpine huts (if that’s not an oxymoron?)

    2no shorts (1 wear, 1 carry) 145+220g
    2no cycle shirts (1wear, 1carry) 159+164g
    2pr thin socks (1wear, 1carry) 35+45+46g
    1pr longs 307g
    1 base layer 163g
    1 cycle coat 307g
    1 helmet
    Gloves 75g
    2no inner tubes 2x94g
    Pump 93g
    LED micro light 28g
    Micro red light on bike 15g
    Puncture patches 6g
    Set spare brake pads (2 prs) 2x18g
    Pen and notebook 60g
    Mobile phone 137g
    Shades 19g
    Contact lenses 15x4g
    Ear plugs, 4pr 4x1g
    Razors (6) 43g
    Small sun cream 120g
    Tooth brush & paste 14 + 12g
    Soap 12g
    Camelbak 249g
    Paraglider line 5g
    Passport 35g
    Credit cards & cash
    BMC card 2g
    Activcard insurance card 5g
    Energy bars
    Isostar powder 195g
    Chain oil 81g
    Maps 377g
    Micro USB charger for phone 19g+13g
    Space blanket
    Compass 16g
    Contact list
    Tube Sudacrem 38g
    Bike computer
    Clip for map on handlebars
    Whistle 10g
    Boarding card for return
    Bin bags (for packing bike in if argued at airport)
    Labels for bike return
    Spare spokes (specific Mavic UST) 21g
    Spare headtorch batteries 7g
    Warm gloves 49g
    Spare jockey bearing 7g
    Solar charger 70g
    Tyre levers 2x12g
    Buff 34g
    Tissue (toilet) 27g
    Winter gloves 51g
    Fleeces 240+260g
    Disco pants 168g
    Contact lens mirror 7g

    bike 11050g

    Shared equipment
    Multitool, 1 between 2 104g
    Spare 5mm and 2mm alen keys
    8mm Allen extension 8g
    Selection cable ties (incl some massive ones) 51g
    Michelin map(s) yellow series for overall area 87g
    Cassette removal tool 30g
    Selection bolts nuts etc 92g
    2 spare chainring bolts
    First aid stuff 1 between 2 incl steristrips, loads steriwipes 137g
    Spare spokes 28g
    Sewing kit
    Shock pump
    Spare gear cable 19g
    Spare chain links plus 2 spare Sram connectors
    French and Italian phrase books
    Roll insulation tape
    1m gaffer tape 17g
    Spare phone battery 29g

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