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  • pete68

    Most riders seem to use a rigid or hardtail for Bikepacking duties but I know there’s a few that use full suspension. I’m doing a couple of events this year but can’t justify, or afford to buy a new bike which won’t see much other use. So I’m thinking of using what I’ve got which is a pivot 429, 100mm travel 29er. On a lot of designs you lose space for a frame bag, so I’d like to see some setups please. Cheers.

    Premier Icon Tiger6791

    Full suss is fine

    You don’t need a frame bag, but Wildcat / Alpkit will make one that goes around shock or just get a super cheap eBay generic one.

    I started on a Boardman FS wth cheap eBay frame bag, random top tube back and dry bag just strapped to the bars.

    Inaugural Welsh Winter Bivvy

    It was cold (ish)

    Moved onto this now though…. 😀

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    In addition to losing frame bag space you also have to allow for wheel travel. That can reduce the amount you can get under your seat too. With higher-end, low-weight, low-volume kit the problem can be better managed but then that stuff also tends to be expensive.


    Ian Fitz who occasionally posts on here has a Salsa Spearfish which is FS, but short travel (80mm I think).

    As Scotroutes notes, it’s the gap when the suspension is fully compressed that’s important. Depending on how tall or short you are this might be problematic.

    If you are doing some events (which implies the “R” word) then you aren’t likely to be taking large amounts of kit. The lightest, most compact kit is that which you don’t take – it also happens to be free! Kit you do take will depend on the conditions and how you cope with those conditions. Worth a whole new thread, but worth trawling through the threads on the BearBones forums as well as the reviews section on that site.


    Cheers for the replies. I’m aware of the wheel travel issue and it’s something that I need to check. I think I’ll be OK though as it’s a large frame.


    [url=]Looking down on Gladhouse Reservoir[/url]

    This was mine. Sure its not as much space but enough for UK rides with a camelback for water, which i prefer for offroad riding anyway. Suspension just made everything more managable.


    TMB set up…

    [url=]Grand Col de Ferret – 1200 Metres of Climbing! #tourmontblanc #italy #borderwith #switzerland #bikepacking #alps #jimismilesbehind[/url] by Richard Lowerson, on Flickr

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    We did a Lake District bikepacking trip and wanted the full sussers to make it more enjoyable. We all have Yetis and with bar bags and seat packs worked well. Check clearance on the seatbag for suspension travel. Id did fit a small framebag in on the downtube which worked well.
    [url=]Yeti's in bike packing mode.[/url] by Tony Clark, on Flickr

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