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  • hardtailonly
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    Just ordered the Alpkit Kraku stove.

    What are people using for brewing coffee when bike packing? I don’t want instant coffee. I don’t need an artisan-grind-your-own set-up either.

    I guess I’m looking for a metal mug/caffetierre vessel, ie that you heat up the water over the stove, pour in the ground coffee, plunge the plunger, then drink, all using the one vessel. Small enough just for 1 cup of coffee, big enough to take the stove/gas when packed away.

    (Does this make sense?)

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    Coffee bags?

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    Coffee bags. There, I said it.

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    I use an ortleib coffee filter thing that folds flat. All you need is a paper filter and that’s it. Piece of piss to pack.

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    Wakako minipresso the best thing i own

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    Coffee bags.

    Percol Americano are very good.

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    No specific recommendations, but googling ‘titanium mug with coffee press’ gave lots of options that all look much of a muchness when I looked into it a while ago.

    Decided in the end that a pour-over cone filter was easier for my set up (mostly cleaning and packing out the grounds afterwards).

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    Minipresso seconded (except the nanopresso is even better!).

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    I wait until I come across a cafe or petrol station with a Costa machine 😆

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    Travel aeropress. It all fits inside the mug.

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    Mocha pot works for me. I grind the coffee before i leave, so it’s fresh enough for on the road.

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    Usually Aeropress Go here, if I’m carrying anything (cowboy style if lightweight). Ditch the plastic cup and the heavy cover. Folding stirrer and little baggy of coffee inside the plunger.

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    I wait until I come across a cafe or petrol station with a Costa machine


    You can pack a whole lot lighter with good route planning – cafes, pubs, hotels…..

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    Coffee bags or take the Hario and paper.

    If I’m feeling luxurious, in the canoe, or there’s two of us, I’ve a GSI cafetierre.

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    Either cowboy coffee for light solo trips or a small moka pot if it’s a group and the pace is relaxed.
    Cowboy method is great with a little practice and the right coffee, trick is to pour it off into something to drink from once it’s settled. Something about the lack of kit needed and it needing a moment to pause and wait suits the time and place.
    Before settling on that I tried
    Filters (ortlieb etc) – a weaker, often colder brew
    Instant – Starbucks Via or Azera are ok but I’m rarely if ever in that much of a hurry
    Small french press in an insulated mug – pretty good, just the space and +200g as negatives and a moka pot does a better job for the same
    (I seem to be no weight weenie when it comes to my bikes but I am about the weight + bulk of gear I pack onto them)

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    Coffee bags have to the the lightest most compact option right?

    I’ve been tempted to try my mini mokKa pot out and about but it’s still probably more faff than its worth.

    One other thing that I tried was putting fresh ground coffee in one of those sprung tea infusion thingies and just leaving it in a cup of boiling water for a while. It just doesn’t work very well though and seems to only ever make piss-weak coffee maybe it’s the grind or the method, I experimented a fair bit but never really got it working…

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    Gsi ultralight java drip is Superlight and reusable. Bit quick filtering tho so I sit it in the water and go for a mixed immersion and drip Brew.

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    Drip filter.

    Java drip is nice and light and very cool

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    Aeropress Go for me if I don’t mind taking a bit more kit (usually when I’m taking a tent and a few more luxuries).

    If going as light as possible, two coffee bags (Taylors come in their own sealed sachet) and some sugar and that’s it. Did exactly that this Friday just gone and it was great having a brew first thing as the sun came up on the Peak.

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    Aeropress Go for me as well.

    Again, ditch the plastic cup then it fits in my larger mug and I put the coffee in the plunger.

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    I’ve got the Sea to Summit collapsible silicone drip filter, not used it loads but seems to be alright, works best with a coarser grind –

    I’ve got the Coleman FyreStorm PCS stove so was going to see if something like the Alpkit Brukit coffee press would fit into it which would be good.

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    Aeropress Go for me as well. Assuming you have another pot you can heat the water in it makes a decent coffee and doesn’t take up too much room.

    I thought I’d assemble a nice little ‘on the go’ coffee brewing set up for work – Aeropress, Aergrind, beans, filters, Jetboil, spare gas, syrup, little milk flask (yeah, I know – milk), water etc.

    Glad it just stays in my truck, it takes up a full rucksack

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    This is the nub of it. To make what I consider a decent cup of coffee requires so many items (I take milk and sugar), that it’s far too much faff.
    For day rides I take a thermos and for longer trips I just leave it in the lap of the gods. I love the thrill of coming across a coffee shop that’s open.

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    How about a bripe?

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    If you’re adding milk and sugar, why not just take instant? You can barely taste the coffee anyway?


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    Aeropress go and replace the mug with a similar one that it still fits into, but you can heat directly?

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    Blergh! At home I freshly grind beans and make really strong drip coffee. Then with a spoon of sugar and some milk or even better double cream, it’s a fantastic brew.
    Instant is utter filth.

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    Aeropress Go everyday for me. Grind up some beans and take a mini thermos of hot water. I like black coffee though, so no extra stuff to carry about.

    Tried coffee bags, great concept, just a shame it doesn’t do the job for me, it doesn’t taste like actual coffee!

    Also, love the surprise of finding a decent local coffee shop on a ride 🙂

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    Another vote for aeropress here, I was introduced to one on my last bikepacking venture and now have one at home and one in the office,

    as mentioned above, I like my coffee black and sugarless so all is needed is ground coffee, hot water and the aeropress but single serve sugar and milk sachets aren’t massive space consumers that will fit snugly within the aeropress plunger

    My own personal preference would be with the “regular” aeropress rather than the “go” for two reasons
    1. The regular is SLIGHTLY larger but not so much that it really impedes any backpack space, this helps if there’s more than one person also as more brewing capacity
    2. The aeropress go cup (as far as I know) is square and I personally find square cups a faff to drink from

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    I can recommend Snow Peak French Press (because I use one!)
    Use the pot for other cooking etc.

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    Titanium French Press Cooking Pot – 750ml
    Ti coffee press from Banana Industries £25

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    Paper hang bags filled with coffee at home then wrapped in a ziploc. Two of those will fit in the 450ml ti mug along with the kraku stove, a lighter and a fleece towel. That then goes in a bottle cage (down tube in the photo below). That’s if I’m feeling luxurious. Most of the time I’ll take whatever sachet of instant I’ve filched from the last hotel I stayed in.

    I just want something warm, brown and wet in the morning to go with my breakfast flapjack.

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    Tried lots of options, if i am just on overnights with mates, then aeropress (and bottle of sloe gin or damson vodka), but have been having these coffee bags for work and bivvying, much better than any others i have tried, really strong flavour almost like turkish coffee

    High caffeine content though

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    Aeropress Go is too big/cumbersome for bikepacking for me

    I also use the Gsi ultralight java drip. Spent 3 nights on the SDW last weekend and had coffee in the evenings and the mornings using this approach. As above I also use the “mixed immersion and drip” approach.

    It is small and light and that’s key for me. I take a Snowpeak 450 mug to boil water in and a sea to summit seal and go mug to drink out of and put the filter in

    I chose not to use gas on this trip because I wasn’t in a rush and it packs up so small and compact

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    I use the GSI ultralight Java drip. Weights next to nothing and is the same diameter as a small gas canister so fits in my Ti pot with the canister and stove. Just take freshly ground coffee from home.

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    I use a Primula reusable filter thing, works perfectly for me, light and flat.

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