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  • gee

    In any group of 500 humans some of them will be knobs.




    As I let someone past at a race, he said “thanks mate….. oh sorry love, I thought you were a bloke!”

    Edric 64

    That looks much like the transition area at the end of lap one on Saturday

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    Gee passed me (and a lot of others I suspect) at Erlestoke.

    He caught me on the downhill after the sharp hill in the woods with the right turn at the top as I’d slowed on the downhill grass curve before the hill from cowardice and lack of skill. This meant I was a bit slower off the mark on the downhill and probably looked even slower than I actualy was. He said something about passing but I had gained speed pretty fast, wasn’t willing to go off line at that point nor slow. He realised it said something along the lines of don’t worry waited 5 seconds till the exit onto the grass and then passed.

    The bloke on the singular rigid single speed caught me on some singletrack. I was aware of it and said I’ll go left in a mo at which point he breezed past up a steep hill that I had just slowed him before.

    The 2 winners had the most manners and relaxed attitude.

    I wasn’t willing to go off line or slow


    I think race organisers would do well to have a paragraph on overtaking etiquette in the entry info / briefing.

    Contrary to Dragon’s post, I’d say it’s the overtaking rider’s job to get past safely, not up to the slower rider in front to move out of the way. The exception is category leaders – If I hear “race leader” (combined with a plausibly fast approach) then I’ll make a special effort to get out of the way.

    If I witnessed some deliberately knobbish overtaking I wouldn’t hesitate to complain to that rider’s sponsor. I doubt they want that kind of rider wearing their kit.

    While I’m on the subject, top marks to the Wiggle rider at Erlstoke (James Braid, I think) who overtook me on the back of 3 other riders (I’m guessing GB at the front) in the first singletrack at Erlstoke. Nice bit of riding – there really wasn’t a gap for him but he shimmied through somehow without encroaching on me at all. I suspect him of having telescopic bars…

Viewing 6 posts - 121 through 126 (of 126 total)

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