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  • loddrik

    Ok, what am I doing wrong? am trying to sell the wifes Trek 4700 as she is pregnant and it aint gonna be getting used for a couple of years now so am looking to sell it to build up a commuter for me. I am asking £225 and have had it up for a week or so each day and not had one response. I cannot put it on ebay as I haven’t paid my fees.

    Surely £225 is a fair price to pay for a bike in good condition which cost nearly £500 new.

    Any opinions (or takers)?

    How old is it, and condition. Unless its almost brand new, especially in the current climate, most people won’t pay almost half new price for something that isn’t.


    Bout 4 years, good condition, as it is thye wifes, it is has not been used much as you can imagine…


    didnt one of the mags have a formula for this sort of thing?

    take the new price, deduct 40% for the first year then 10% for every year old after that then make an estimate for its condition.


    There you go, can’t remember the formula but it goes something like:

    Brand new 33% off
    Nearly new but clearly used 50% off

    4 years old? I’d say 70% off?


    yeah something like that. means my bike, 10 year old and tatty = 10p


    four years old.

    you have to price it around a ton if you want it to sell.

    (-50%, plus 10% per year = £165)


    Have you taken into account that new bike prices are no over 30% mor expensive?

    so for example you can buy an 09 model in December 08, but with the sterling worth nothing the same 09 model is 30% more expensive!!

    so what do you sell your 2nd hand 09 bike for?

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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