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  • Bike stunt in a furniture ad, 1970s
  • This was a long time ago, so I may have remembered the details wrong, but back in the late 1970s there was an advert for DFS furniture stores.
    the backing music was "I don't care how you get there, just get there if you can" by Oleta Adams and it featured lots of short clips of old black & white films of cars with the wheels falling off and aeroplanes with the wings collapsing.
    There was one clip though of a cyclist doing a forward roll or somersault over a table.
    He rode up to the table, did a stoppy which sent him over the bars until his shoulders contacted the leading edge of the table.
    He rolled along the table until his bum was contacting the far end, then dropped off, back on to the wheels and carried on riding.
    Does anyone else remember this or did I imagine it ?
    Is the film on the web anywhere ?
    Has anyone done the same trick in modern times ?

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    Not deliberately

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    It was probably Harold lloyd or Buster Keaton.
    Certainly one of those silent era stuntman used to do it seamlessly.

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