Bike Stolen – advice please

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  • Bike Stolen – advice please
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    Hello everyone on single track,
    I had hoped my first post on this forum would have been something positive, but this isn’t
    Yesterday I was knocked off my bike. Whilst I was taken to hospital my bike disappeared whilst the police took the person who ran me over back to their house.
    I’m stumped as to what to do. If i had the damaged bike would just go through the house insurance or cycling uk legal help. But it’s been pinched following the collision. So is it my fault, the idiot Audi driver or the police
    I’m kicking myself for not increasing the house insurance bike cover after I bought the new bike.

    The bike was a 2018 surly cross check. The collision was in Northwich Cheshire

    Any advice would be great, apologies if this should be on chat forum not bike forum.


    How bad was the collision? If police and ambulance attended you’d think the police would take it as you were presumably incapacitated if you left via ambulance.

    Have you contacted the police since?


    Get in touch with the cops. I stopped a pissed bloke (he’d already fallen off) riding off on his moped, the cops took the moped in a van. The cops can check cctv in the area your bike was nicked. Good luck

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    The police have apologised for loosing it, though the officer wanted to check with his senior officer about fault.

    The Audi pulled out with me straight in front of it. I woke up lying on the tarmac with the ambulance just arriving. Don’t know how I got in the ambulance. The scans showed no broken bones, but my whole left side aches like nothing I’ve felt before.

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    I’d still let Cycling UK lawyers deal with it. If you’ve been hospitalised you’ll be making a full claim, they will know what to do, be it claiming from the driver or the police for failing to look after your property.

    I’m also in Northwich, so will keep an eye out. Got a photo, or any identifying features?


    You can likely include the bike loss as an expense on an injury claim for the accident. Hopefully shouldn’t matter who took the bike just that your responsibility for looking after it ended when the driver knocked you out with their car.

    The police have apologised for loosing it,

    **** ****, my response of throw it in the **** hedge as I was taken to hospital was ignored and a bystander put in in their garden.

    Have you tried any nearby houses?

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    Have you checked any local houses, businesses etc? It’s possible that someone took it in for safekeeping and in all the confusion the police have lost/forgotten that information.

    Otherwise is there any way you can call it a total write-off – presumably you can claim off the driver’s insurance?

    Hope you’re on the mend.


    Worth a try Anagalis.
    I wasin a group once when someone went down on the ice and broke his pelvis. Taken away in the ambulance. We couldn’t ride home with an extra riderless bike so lft it at the pub in the nearest village and someone came back in a car for it later. The bloke was still conscious though, albeit tanked full of morphine (after the ambulance arrived!) and knew what we were doing.
    Maybe a local spotted it and took in but you would think they would have mentioned it to the police…


    Beaten to it.

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    @ the OP

    Hope you are starting to feel a bit better and on the road to recovery.

    Any update on the bike?


    put up a local advert: ‘ cheap commuter bike wanted, any condition. cash paid’


    You don’t know since you were unconscious, but the bike may be a write off. When the same happened to me I came round next to an air ambulance and I did ask how’s my bike -cliches but true. The answer was “smashed to pieces”. Ok it was carbon.

    Add the bike to the claim against the driver.

    I’m glad you didn’t break anything. I was not so lucky. Heal fast.

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    I was extremely fortunate after my accident last year. I was well taken care of by some passers-by, including a local farmer who kept my bike for a couple of weeks until my brother could pick it up from him.

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    Thanks to everyone for your advise. I’ve started the legal route with cycling uk.

    I’ve knocked on neighbours to ask and put it on all the Northwich Facebook pages. It even got a mention on the local radio. But I think it has gone.

    It’s annoying as it is only a three mile commute and I’ve been knocked off twice now In 18months. I’ve tried going back to work but came home and still off. Back and ribs still ache if I twist.

    Ive tried to load a photo but failed. My poor IT skills and work crippling the phone. The bike had Hope Titanium hubs from a very old previous bike I had bought off a friend. I’ll never have anything as bling as them again

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