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  • fontmoss

    any good/interesting or boutique bike shops worth a look in new york? Ta


    Plenty of them, NYC’s a big place!

    Sid’s Bike shop on E34th was my LBS when I lived there, Conrad’s on Tudor City Place always had nice stuff hanging up in the window but I never went in for some reason or another.

    Midtown on W47th was quite eclectic in the stuff they had then other interesting ones were Gotham Bikes, Zen Bikes, C&M.

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    Brooklyn Machine Works 8)


    I had a guy in from either Gotham Bikes or Ride Brooklyn he was a sound guy he owned one and his mate owned the other. He was a big mod and man city fan. He was also a massive Wiggo fan. From the look of the websites both shops are worth a look.

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    NYC Velo had some lovely Mission Workshop stuff in.. Also some really nice IFs and other shiny, shiny bits..

    Corner of 64th & 2nd.


    Indy fab and mission workshop! I’m going

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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