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    Try excellent service from Richard. Not sure about stock as website doesn’t seem up to date etc but he cant be beaten for service. Best to call or email him.

    Or try


    cycleworld stonehaven are no more

    sold to christian from EBC i believe and is now bike remedy .

    might give it a try now.


    I don’t think there has been a ’boutique’ bike shop in Aberdeen since the days of Neil Ross on King Street. I used to go there for my fix of beautiful Fat Chance and Mountain Goat offerings but had to “make do” with a Spesh Stumpjumper.

    Christian Franklin, who used to be the Asst Manager at EBC, has just opened a shop in Stonehaven called Bike Remedy. It’s not quite a boutique shop yet but Christian is a nice chap who will give you the time of day (for £10 + VAT) 😉

    And up in Buckie there’s Gravity Sports. Richard Cowie normally deals in top end stuff and usually has a few Nicolai’s of varying wheel sizes in his ‘shop’.


    “Neil Ross on King Street”

    blast from the past – last bumped into him wanting a norco DH bike built to race vets at SDA back in 2203/2004 IIRC


    Try Cycle Highlands in Ballater.
    Good service from Richard (owner) and James (top mechanic). They also have some 29er demo bikes.


    dont bother with Holborn Bikes, never been in there and received a friendly service, seem to be a very miserable bunch to me

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    I have used most of the shops in the area over the years. Bikestation in Inverurie is my local so try to use them when I can.
    Mostly with these small businesses it comes down to the economics of stocking the shop and being realistic about who comes in and buys stuff. Its true that mostly its dissappointing an any of the shops if you go into browse and they dont have much in that catches the eye.
    The best tactic is knowing what your after and ask if they can get it and what for.
    A lot of the time they can come up with the goods.

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    Stating the obvious, but EBC do stock the Giant Anthem 29er (and presumably some other full suss 29ers besides). I got pretty good service from them when I bought my Trance earlier in the week (sorted out a demo bike for me etc) and of course, they have their 15% off sales a few times a year, which reduces the hit on the wallet somewhat.




    Use Pedalpower in Inverurie for consumables, EBC in Aberdeen for some more specific offroad bits and nice bike chat with staff but need a shop that makes my jaw drop… Basecamp Bikes are over the hills and far away, why isn’t there a mtb boutique in what seems to be a quite affluent city and shire?
    Alpine bikes are OK but apart from installing a troublesome BB for me last year, I’ve not been inspired to part with my cash there . Same with Bike Station in Inverurie, small stuff I needed but no big ticket items. I intend to buy a full suss 29er next spring but can’t see me buying it without a 200 mile detour.
    I walked out of a shop in a rural town this weekend shaking my head after being told by the owner that 700c and 29er tyres needed different DIAMETER rims (yes, diameter. Not width) Another one crossed off the list, sigh. (I have money ready for a pair of wide, smooth 29er tyres, looks like Ballyclare will be 60 quid better off this week)

    Gave up on local shops years ago after Alpine was bought out although might be tempted to try “Bike Remedy”.

    Neil Ross………….

    Spent a fortune on trick bits in that shop.

    It got so bad we discussed having my wages paid directly into his bank account.


    Thanks for the info, I’ll mosey on down. I’m waiting for the 2013 announcements from the likes of Yeti etc. Gotta work out how much left to spend on food and fuel between now and March!

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