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  • hora

    All our roads (6 or 7) are dead ends in our area and its pretty obvious that there are no through ways. If your localish you’d know this too. Yet I’ve watched this…usually happens before 6am.

    Funny that but then again as project says I must be a racialist.

    You get a lot of the pikey vans driving round here – usually with the orange light on top. Usually they are just looking for scrap metal.

    One of the lads who works here used to park his R1 outside the front of the building with an Oxford lock wrapped around the rear wheel. It disappeared one day, and when we checked the CCTV, we saw one of those vans drive up, park in front of his bike (a usual occurrence – vans come and go here) then drive off less than a minute later and the bike was gone – they just opened the side door, threw the motorbike in and drove straight off.

    The number plate did not exist apparently.


    One of my mates used to work on a farm and said a transit van of travelling chaps came into the yard one day and asked if they had any scrap, when told no and asked to leave they got out and started snooping round anyway. Eventually they got back in the van and noticed my mate noting down the reg of the van. The driver laughed and wound down his window and said theres another 5 plates under that one would he like to see them as well?!



    pikeys in a van turned up at a friends house whilst they were working on it/had garage open etc, asking about buying tools on gumtree, friends said they didn’t know what they were talking about, nothing for sale. pikeys left after giving the house/garage a good viewing and that night the garage got broken into and loads of tools nicked. coincidence? i don’t think so…

    also we used to get it at our old flat (tyneside upstairs/downstairs type), every other week or so a tipper van would go down the back alley with 2 lads on the back looking over the fences/walls into gardens for stuff to nick! good way of getting rid of a washing machine tho…

    interested in peoples bike cage solutions – how they were made/materials etc for beefing up my shed. any pics?


    I dont go for buying all these really expensive bike locks and shed protection things.

    Our local Police said that the things thieves dont like is noise, bright light, and having to work for their knickings. So noisey shed alarms, stuff that means they have to work to get to the bikes etc etc.

    If they can just open your shed door and your bikes there with a £100 lock round it, then all they will do is knick the wheels or cut the frame.

    My shed currently has currently stopped 2 attempts, and both times it was the alarm that made the difference.

    If you can a slab under the shed with a Rawlbolt Eyelet through floor into it. The padlock chains to that. Also if you have anything brick build, a 4×2 with exhaust clamps through it and plated and bolted at back, then rawlbolt this, with bolt head to wall, to brick wall.

    Firedoors and multiple locks on brick built bike shed, bikes still locked up and alarmed. Wooden Shed has lock and padlocks, with bikes still locked and alarmed in shed.

    And metal bar beside back door!!!

    Premier Icon dmorts

    When I had a shed I had Pragmasis Shed Shackle in it. Easy to fit and use and keeps the chain off the floor (harder to crop). Also coach bolted the door hinges.

    Premier Icon bluearsedfly

    Decent locks/chains are hard work for them. Anything that costs them time or causes them to make noise will put them off.

    If you buy a long enough chain it will go through the frame, both wheels and above the fork crown. They can cherry pick the other bits off but if they are still there the undisturbed once they’re past all the other security measures then fair play to them!

    End of the day if they want it odds are they will get it.


    At the end of the day if you have a decent carbon bike with decent kit and they were could break down/sell the parts off seperately they’d easily (and very quickly) saw through your carbon frame. That gives you a bike.

    Not so long ago I saw a pic on STW of a sawn tube – about 10cm long in someones hand saying this what was left behind.

    Premier Icon edhornby

    they will be back 🙁 a mate of mine had an expensive metal shed and it didn’t stop them, and a brick outhouse that had the roof destroyed just above the door

    you need alarms and security lights and CCTV, and think about security tracking for the high value/emotional value bikes

    if you have the option and can stand the lowgrade, ride cheap nasty bikes for a while so they don’t bother a third time


    high value/emotional value bikes

    should live in doors.

    Leave the bikes that are work horses to the thieves.


    Just keep a lookout for white transit vans in your area.

    I’m not a crim’ analyst but around my particular way here in Manchester you tend to see alot of slow driving transits,

    You may be or not be a racialist, but you do have a thing about transits eg tranyphobia,

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