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  • nealy

    Er, I’d rather have one big strip light thing for the entire space. Eneloops are good, but I’d rather just plug it into the wall overnight once a week …

    For scale, the units I have are twin 2ft fluo tubes.


    diesel generator?

    Poss a touch OTT 😉

    For various reasons too boring to go into, I can’t run mains to my garage/bike cave. A few years ago I bought some fluorescent rechargable strip lights. They’re OK, but hardly super bright and the cheap SLA batteries in them are giving out. Like this:

    Can anyone recommend something similar? There must be something decent using LEDs with a battery that dosn’t expire after a few recharges now?

    Google gives loads of possibilities, but it is real-world experience of a specific product I’m after …

    Rechargable from the mains rather than messing about with solar panels and 12v bateries please.


    Have you costed up some replacement batterie for what you have? Also, a quick look at EBay has 600mm LED fluorescent tube replacements at £13.50 each. That plus new batteries (or a single leisure battery you charge every few weeks) would really make a far longer lasting solution for the cave. You could try it with one of them and see how it goes.


    adh, they did have petrol ones for about £70 in lidl or aldi not long back, I forget as I go in so many bargain cut price establishments they meld into one… You neighbours will love it.

    I did consider it TT, but rejected the plan on grounds of extreme lazyness. That and I fancy more lumens and something with a pullcord for short arse persons such as myself.


    Couldn’t you get some led light units strung up to a leisure battery?

    Should get plenty of run time from the leisure battery & just bring it back in the house every so often to charge…?

    Admittedly not very off the shelf, but something I was considering when we were looking at house with a garage in a black away from the house. Luckily, sense prevailed and I got an attached garage with power!


    There was a thread a while ago on this, think you could use a wind generator thing they use to top up leasure batteries on boats or solar panels…

    Not cheap!!

    Solar, this might be better.

    Premier Icon cp

    Cover the roof in alu foil and point a couple of ebay/dx XML or P7 bike lights at the roof, with a little fan next to them for cooling 🙂

    Premier Icon jairaj

    I’ve got one of these.

    LED light

    Its very bright, one is more than enough to light up your personal space and maybe 2 or 3 to light up the whole garage. Its very durable and well made, never used the battery till flat so not sure how long they last but managed to get 2 hours of it no problem. Also seen very similar ones in hardware and DIY stores


    I was going to say get an old car battery, solar panel, charger and some LED lighting. You can also run a small tyre inflator off the battery for tubless duties 😀


    I’ve got one of those 60 led beasties that jairaj has for my garage. Simple cheap, easy and bright. If you need more light then get more than one.


    Like andyl suggests above Ive got a leisure battery ( caravan battery ) connected to a small solar panel on the roof of my shed controlled via a regulator. I have a 240 v inverter which can push out 300watts with this have 2 240v compact connected to 240v 9 watt fluorescent bulbs. Whole set up cost approx £200 and i learnt a whole lot of about off grid electrics in the process.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 15 total)

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