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  • Bike Servicing Glasgow
  • Looking for any local knowledge. My hardtail is in desperate need of a new bottom bracket. I’ve actually purchased a replacement and intended to do it myself, but don’t have the tool and keep running out of time. Can anyone recommend anywhere in Glasgow? Ideally in the west end? Will no doubt end up needing more servicing work at some point (although I try and do what I can myself) so recommendations of anywhere decent and well priced would be great.

    Thanks in advance!

    Gear Bikes, Gibson St.

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    Aye, both of those, though gear wins, as it’s next door to artisan roast, so an excuse to pop in for home made brioche. 😋

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    yeah but Willy Bains is close to the Star Bar so you can get a 3 course meal for a fiver 🙂

    More seriously its also close to the very lovely (and very oddly located) Lagom Kitchen

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    Carl at Bikelove on Garscube Road ( 2 down from Kinetics). World Cup Mechanic. Knows his onions. Pop into Jaconnelis Cafe for a classic Scots Italian trip down memory lane.

    Alternatively West End Cycles is also good just off Byres Road up from the University Cafe.

    Hmm. I see a theme developing.


    @sentiershredding what kind of BB is it?

    Lagom is the business Mac 👌🏻

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    Alpine and upstairs to the TGO cafe, decent..

    Though I’d go right offtrack and take it to Dave at Sprockets and then into the co-owned adjoining garden centre cafe for a soup, cake and coffee, but….nobeer’d likely be there 😂


    Must say all of the above are top tips
    Also say a shout for Dougie in Dales
    Bike shop just off byres road at the bottom too
    Also Magic cycles in Bowling then a wee run up Kilpatrick hills to test out the handy work

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    Aye, +1 for Dougie



    Support a charity 🙂


    Torvelo, Doug is a top lad though mainly deals with road stuff. Worthy of a mention though


    I’d say Carl at Bikelove, I’d choose him in terms of everyone in Glasgow, given the choice. And he’s in the West end.

    Dales are pretty good but I’ve not had any servicing done there myself.

    Wheelcraft have pretty capable mechanics too. I’d probably take the bike there if I was struggling with anything, have had a lend of their tools to realign a frame etc.

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    Bike for good would be the best option, especially if all you need to do is fit it. They have the tools and rent them out along with workshop space for you to do the maintenance.

    Otherwise Gear on Gibson street.

    Thanks all for the suggestions! Will take a look at all of these, seems like there’s plenty to pick from!

    I was originally planning on heading to bike for good to do it myself but keep running out of time. Needing to do my headset bearings too as they seem to have gone notchy and nasty too. The joys of Scotland in winter…

    @Merak it’s a raceface bsa. Replacing it with a cheap Shimano Hollowtech. The raceface has barely lasted a year so don’t see the point in putting another one in.

    All of those suggestions are good, maybe barring Bike for Good. They are fine for things that conform to normal standards but fling a JIS headset into the mix and they get stumped (or did in my case). The guy spannering my bike (I had gone to a use their tools session only to be told the tools I needed to use weren’t available to the public) didn’t come across as particularly experienced. That was a good while ago though, things may have changed. The rest have been good as I have lived near all of them at some point or another. Willie Bains shop is good even just for spares (provided you can get across the floor, not in the same league as Riks shp in Drumlanrig but still a tricky proposition).

    Is Dougie at Dales the Dougie that used to work in the old old Alpine on Gt Western Road? Or just someone with the same name?

    Bike shop just off byres road at the bottom too

    West End cycles.

    Though I’d go right offtrack and take it to Dave at Sprockets and then into the co-owned adjoining garden centre cafe for a soup, cake and coffee, but….nobeer’d likely be there

    I was in there the other morning having breakfast with all the oldiewonks. Workshop rates in Sprockets are eye watering but they have a decent enough rep.

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    Different Dougie – one you’re thinking of is now a teacher.

    If you want to borrow the tools, I’m in Glasgow every tuesday OP, would happily meet and lend you them?.


    Glasgow Bike Hive: (West End)

    A proper workshop, with no sales as such. They really are excellent, have fixed a few of my bikes, and also a few none bike related items (roof rack) Great prices, and quick turnaround.

    I approached a few bike shops about 12 months ago with a list of work I needed done and GBH were the only ones to even bother responding!

    Second for the bike hive! have been really impressed when i’ve been in there. Also, they have a huge fire and a dog in the shop!

    @Nobeerinthefridge Thanks for the offer, very kind of you. I’m kinda needing just to get it done so I’ve dropped it off with Alpine as their rates were good for what needed doing. Think I’ll keep some of the other places mentioned in mind for the future though – thanks all!


    Buy the tool, it’s a job you can do in less time than driving anywhere.
    Build up your tools and knowledge one job at a time.

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