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  • superfli

    ’87 Giant Sierra – hyperglide cassette and mountain lx groupset, wooo! (stolen)
    ’94 Specialized Rockhopper comp
    ’95 Rock Lobster custom build
    ’98 Orange X2 custom build (stolen)
    ’01 Specialized Stumpjumper FSR comp
    ’08 Specialized Stumpjumper FSR custom build

    MrK mkII

    diamond back topanga
    khs full sus
    gt dh lts
    gt avalanche (hard anodized!)
    gt zaskar
    spesh stumpjumper ht
    kona hahanna
    on one inbred

    thinks that’s it…


    Marin Pine Mountain
    Pace RC200
    Marin Riftzone
    Whyte 19
    Cotic Soda
    Kinesis Decade Virsa
    Brodie Ti Holeshot…if the damn thing ever arrives!


    88 (89) Marin Pine Mountain
    89 Bontrager OR
    90 yeti FRO
    92 ‘dale sm2000
    93 Funk Pro Comp
    93 Ellison
    95 Szasbo
    07 19 alloy
    09 foes Xct
    09 boardman pro
    10 Cube acid
    11 19 carbon

    1998 Kona Muni-Mula
    1999 Kona Explosif
    2005 Enduro
    Mk1 DMR Trailstar (frame open to offers: mtb bottom bracket, horizontal dropouts)
    On One 456 one of the red ones.

    Still got all of them cept the muni-mula, some toe rag’s got that.

    1992 Raleigh Mtrax 515
    2004Dawes Edge FS comp
    *2005 Orange sub 5
    *2005 Kinesis maxlight
    2006 Marin mount vision
    2007 *Giant trance
    2007 *Gt single speed
    2008*Dialled Prince Albert
    2008 **Cannondale Prophet
    2009**Giant Avalanche
    2010**Giant Trance X (in medium 🙁 )
    2010**Giant Trance X (in large this time!!)
    2010*Ragley Mmmbop
    2011*Santa Cruz Heckler

    *frame only and built up
    **Bought as complete bike and stripped for frame and built up bespoke


    <new member delurks – waves! 🙂 >

    Can’t remember all of the dates, but I certainly remember the bikes.

    Jumpers in the park, small boys as goal-posts – wasn’t it? Mmmm:

    ’92 Something from a catalogue that looked like a mountain bike but clearly wasn’t one – it was all I could afford, and I was happy. It weighed as much as a car, and didn’t last very long at all.

    GT Tequesta – The ride was as hard as nails, and it made my arms and legs burn. Fell off it a lot, and fell in love with it and mountain biking.

    Cannondale Super V 900 – Fell off and took a lot of skin off the very first time I rode it because I was too impatient to swap the toe clips it came with for my SPDs. I had fun putting a lot of miles on this. 80mm of travel – who could need more? 😉 It flew down hills – and nearly killed me climbing them (bounce, bounce, bounce). I have very fond memories of riding the South Downs Way for the first time on it and screaming down Butser Hill.

    ’97 Kona Kilauea with Pace RC35 fork.
    Took it to the Brecon Beacons for the first proper ride and was completely blown away. Never should have let this one go … a wonderful bike.

    <10 year gap – went raving then dabbled with kayaking>

    2007 Specialized Stumpjumper FSR Comp. Liked it, but it never really gripped me. I wasn’t riding big enough terrain to justify full suss.

    2010 Kona Haole (road bike). Much more fun than I thought it would be. Rode through the winter for the first time (I am a lightweight) and got fit for the spring this year.

    2011 (Just 3 weeks ago) Cotic Soul built by my local bikeshop Cycledealia – absolutely amazing, I love it, this this was just what I was looking for. Unfortunately I had a really silly low speed fall on just my second ride and broke my arm. Three weeks more of wearing the cast to go – I am climbing the walls waiting to ride it again! Soon come …. 🙄


    bloomin heck I forgot my original ball burnished zaskar

    Premier Icon DaveRambo

    90 Giant Escaper
    94 Team Marin
    09 Yeti ASR
    10 Boardman Team Roadbike
    11 Van Nic Tuareg


    trail_rat, you’re either a god or a clumsy rider – how many snappages 😀

    Al-carter timbertrail (’92ish) (Bought new, still got it, it’s in the garage frame only)
    Merlin Malt – 94ish (Bought new, Still got it, it’s my singlespeed)
    Coyote F2 -97ish (bought new, still got it, it’s being re-built with new bits)
    Custom trials frame 2007ish (designed and shipped new from China, still got it, considering binning it)
    Giant NRS (2004 frame, bought in 2009ish – still got it, it’s my go-to bike)
    2004 Zoo Pitbull – bought in 2010, still got it, not finished the build yet.

    Big Pete

    Raleigh Montage
    Cannondale f600
    Cove stiffee *
    Cove Hustler 06
    Cove Hustler 08
    Turner 5 Spot horst
    Surly 1×1
    Inbred ss
    456 lynskey Ti *
    Nicolai Heleus Fr *
    Turner 5 Spot DW *
    On One Ti 29er ss *

    still got *


    GT Tequesta – 1992
    Marin Pine Mountain – 1994
    GT Xiang – 1995
    Specialized Epic – 2003
    Specialized Enduro S-Works – 2004
    Intense Tracer * 2 – 2008/9
    Intense SlopeStyle – 2009 to present.

    Would really love a Zesty714 and an Intense M9 or DH920. Mmmmmm.

    1985 – Saracen Conquest
    1990 – Treck 970
    1997 – GT Backwoods
    2001 – Scott vantage pro
    2006 – Spesh stumpjumper FSR Expert
    Current bike: Jones Spaceframe


    92 saracen Sahara elite
    93 khs Montana pro
    94 khs Montana team
    95 proflex. 995
    97 merlin usa taiga (still have)
    01 cannondale jekyll (crap)
    02 specialized stumpjumper fsr
    03 Santa Cruz blur
    07santa cruz blur xc
    09 Santa Cruz blur xc carbon
    10 Santa Cruz tallboy

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